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    Dawg Thread 2

    Tks. I have to be good or Troy will put me in jail Lol
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    Dawg Thread 2

    Hi dawgs. Been a long time. I lost my dawg tag when my laptop bite the dust
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    Rear bearing cassette for a millennium

    One thing I like about PRC is you can still get parts for the older ones. This kart I’m trying to help out a 10 year old that has never raced.
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    Rear bearing cassette for a millennium

    I called them and they do not stock or make any for a 2007 or 2008. Anyone know where I can find some. New or used
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    looking to move up

    Jason Anderson has a cr250 for sale he is on Facebook
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    Maxxamillion @ Beaver Creek

    Going to be a great race