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    1/4 mile gearing help

    Thanks for all the help. I swong by a shop today and picked up a 17.
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    1/4 mile gearing help

    Sorry unrestricted clone. After more looking I might need to go upwards to 18/63. Maybe 17/60
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    1/4 mile gearing help

    I have never ran a 1/4 mile dirt track and have no clue on were to start with gearing. I was looking at 15 or 16 driver 67 68 rear. Champ kart 455 weight. I would do a trial and error process but we get 1 practice and not enough time to change gears in between most likely. Then we qualify and...
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    48x96 Harbor Freight Utility Trailer Big Enough to Haul Margay Brava 206 Kart? Ger.

    I have used this trailer for a year without building it up. Then built it up to hold 2 karts, tires,chairs,grill,table,5gal water bucket,air tank and a small gater generator all inside. 2 folding kart stands sit on the tongue.
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    2016 Rage Razor. Rear pills

    This is my 2nd year running a Rage champ. I have pills in the cassettes and was wounder the purpose of these.
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    Header burn

    I am a new victim of the right arm header burn. I am ISO where I can buy the piece of material that I see on some of the jackets or any ideas/tip to help from happening again? Might need to change the header but I struggle to find on that works with a champ kart.
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    Tire with a pin hole

    Is there anything that can be done with a tire with a small pin hole in the side wall? Brand new LR that just seen the track for the first time last night. I would set the air pressure where I needed it and 1 hr later it would be 1/2 lb off.
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    Oil coming out the vent tube.

    I am still new to the clones and we recently had about 2 oz of oil come out of my catch can. I use 14 oz and the motor was only ran for about 11 laps, never reaching over 6000 rpms and 300 degrees. What could be wrong?
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    Clone carb ?

    I was replacing the fuel line on my kart and were I put the line on the carb its leaking. What does everyone use to stop this from happening?
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    Rage nitro or Cruizer.

    What is the difference between the too?
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    Stickers on new tires

    Do you have to have to tires cut to remove all the sticky residue left behind from the stickers?
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    Sa2015 or M2015 helmets

    Why do tracks want the Sa2015 Snell rated instead of using both Sa and the M rated or even the K rated helmet? The only difference I see is the fire rating and the allowance for the bumping of roll bars and field of vision. On the Snell website a M2015 can be tested to meet the K rating with a...
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    Tire dismount tool

    Last year I seen a tire dismount tool at the OVKA show. That was red and black and looked like a j shape. Who makes it and has it forsale?
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    Off loading of Burris 11's and 22's tires only.

    I have a total of 9 used 22's and 7 used 11's for sale all in good shape. The 22's are 5 rights 2 left front 2 left rear now the 11's 3 rights 2 left fronts and 2 left rears. Prefer to sell all together for $220. Can ship at additional cost to buyer.
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    Tread dept of a new Burris tire?

    What is the tread depth of a new tire in 32nds? I'm just trying to learn this tire game. I have a set that are between 3-4 32nds.