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    Batesville, MS Indoor Race

    Any news regarding Batesville this Thanksgiving?
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    PRC deuce/ rookie class

    We've been rolling on a deuce in JR1, JR2, & JR3 you have to be very aggressive with your prep and have thin tires....
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    3 Disc SMC Vortex Clutch with 23 tooth belt drive

    Do you still have this clutch
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    Atomic punch prep

    Corner Speed - Justin Hinely 912-657-1836
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    Zero lash on AKRA Plate engines

    Check your A/F Ratio - I'd be willing to bet it dropped on pull 2 and 3......
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    Mychron 5 lateral page

    The numbers are in ft/sec Squared 1 G = 32 Ft/sec Squared Tire durometer data, this screen and lap times can give you pretty good insight into track tendencies
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    2018 PRC Deuce

    What is the serial number?
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    Green Plate Motor

    We run both classes and just swap out the plate between classes on race day.
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    Blaze Martin

    Blaze is 1st class, stick with him he helped me out a ton back in the day
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    Used Burris 33a's

    Where are you located?
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    Any one used the rcp-2 from race city?

    Great green and purple plate cam. 112.5 -113 CL (Best Acceleration Rate I've Tested for Plate Motors) Zero Lash Cold Test different valve springs (Nose Pressure is Key!!!!) Dr Fast Pipe Dover Carb
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    Head carb cam package

    Dr. Fast
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    We ride a Deuce in JR1 & JR2 in the southeast and haven't had a weight transfer issue, typically we're running a larger PSI split between the left and right tires to reduce transfer. Killer roll speed, often my driver has issues making passes because he's not used to catching them so fast in...
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    Spindle replacement schedule is based on total kart weight and the track characteristics. When I ran super heavy on southeastern high bite tracks, we replaced spindles, king pins, & bearings every 10 weekends Now my son is running JR1 & JR2 on medium bite tracks we change bearings every 10...
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    Plate Engine Vavle Spring Testing

    Thanks Chris, could you send me picture 4315 and 4316 it seems something happened to the attachments on the post.