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    Kart body

    M&m all the way!
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    (Official) Box Stock Project & the rumor mill.

    I spoke to donnie there about 2 weeks ago so they are open
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    Bad Boy mowers

    I run a grasshopper and LOVE IT!
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    Tire temperature

    I purchased webber's hotbox kit so no need to use oven
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    Tire temperature

    I can do that
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    Tire temperature

    Same for shrinking
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    Tire temperature

    Same for shrinking?
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    Tire temperature

    Oh i was WAY off lol i was thinking ~200ish
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    Tire temperature

    How hot do you guys get your 33s for sizing?
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    Webber fab hot box kit

    How hot do you get your burris 33's for sizing?
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    Coronee No No 1,000 on May 2nd at Paradise Raceway Big Money in Flathead Limited, Heavy, Super Heavy and more.......

    You didnt know that with todays technology you can now read a persons expressions thru back and white text.. Lol sorry i couldnt resist.....
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    Webber fab hot box kit

    Ok thank you!
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    Webber fab hot box kit

    Im really considering purchasing his hot box kit but was wondering (if anyone can answer, i dont wanna bother him with MORE questions hes already answered a ton for me) how long on average it takes to heat the tires up to size them?
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    Double stacker stand question

    Ive used them on a few things low and havent had any issues. I do however check them out before i buy them. Havent found a good source for decent casters that dont cost over 100.00 a set