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    095 scythe chassis setup

    Not much nose and cross bump left up to 60
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    Mini gears

    Definetly can tell big diffr n ours especially n qualifyn...
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    Prc floatn gear hub and tuck and run skip toothe gears

    Almost 3 sets of gears have more $140 shipped to ya text anytime TKS..
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    Prc floatn gear hub and tuck and run skip toothe gears

    #35 from 58 to 65 two exact sets except 58,59 are hortsman everything else tuck and run with gear guards good condition $200 shipped to your door 910 -706-7963 for pics TKS..
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    095 scythe chassis setup

    Running that much cross u better b on your tire game cause u just takn bite out of kart..js
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    095 scythe chassis setup

    Cross way to high unless u r on a good biten up track and nose way to high much cross will cause kart push center off..
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    New Kart Dad, PRC MineCon vs Scythe What’s the difference?

    Minecon is a great kart 4 lighter drivers even adults we had great success with ours but we love scythe better and we got 2 of them..
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    ISO scythe/prodigy/minecon

    Michelle averitt has minecon 4sale look on facebook
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    Where to race this weekend?

    Ttt and liberty racn...
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    Max rpms

    All depends on size of track 4 us..
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    Gen 5 cpr animal

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    Stalker Serial Number

    I had 2 of them but can't remember tag thou long time ago and they were fast..
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    NOS Raptor III still in Briggs Performance Crate

    Get with Matt chavis he stays up there n new York he's a engine builder..
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    2021 Phantom chassis

    Our 2020s r rolln...
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    Animals in s.c.

    Prob b a no boss just sold mine cause no were runs them other champ...