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    looks like ford and toyota still cant do it...

    Hendrick built cars still dominate NASCAR. Happy that Harvick got the win and the championship. Haters gonna hate on him to because their driver didn't win.
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    How much Left % is too much?

    Kart is an 05' Phenom. Normally running SS-33A's with LS1 or LS2. I'm at 410lbs in the kart, Running Sr. alcohol animal. Just been struggling with either a push or a kart that wants to whip it around in the corners. Track is 1/6 mile with little banking. K3 in Kankakee Illinois if you know...
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    Diesel Animals...

    Anyone ever wondered if we could convert an animal over to a diesel. I know it wouldn't be very smart but I think it'd be fun. I've had the idea for awhile but I'd have no clue where to start. I never see diesels with carburetors only injectors. And would it need different crank, piston...
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    Gran Turismo Karting

    Anybody play gt5 and race the karts on there.
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    Song Title Game

    I'm stealing the idea from Powerstroke Army (another good forum I'm with). Thanks Daddyusmaximus. I'm stealing this idea from another sight, but it has been going for years over there. I post the name of a song and the artist. The next post, someone takes a word out of the title of the...
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    Helmet spikes

    I need some helmet spikes that ate like 8 inches tall so I can keep my Mohawk style going on the track just like off the track. Everyone suggests drilling holes in my helmet to fit it in lol :)
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    In the offseason...

    So what's your guys plans for the off-season. If you not racing indoor of course.