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    Making floorboards

    Run the floorboard to the outside of the frame., instead of just inside the frame. Protects the bottom of the frame.
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    Hemi heads

    What did the compression ratio end up being ?
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    throttle cable install

    Make sure the carb butterfly will open all the way. Don't ask why I say this.
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    Alignment issue with chains

    Spend the time to get it right in 3axis. Had a motor that the base was off and needed shims. I've had to slot bolt holes also. Watch the chain as it goes on and comes off the drive sprocket. It should be fairly well centered.
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    Clone heads

    The auto shop guy who has done valve jobs for me (before there was a stealth head) uses this on all his valve jobs. Car and Kart. It runs in his BridgePort Mill. One pass and all 3angles are done.
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    ISO jr kart parts.

    You've got a PM. I think.
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    Does Aero Matter on Dirt?

    Supposedly drag only starts taking a drastic effect at ~50mph. However, bicycle riders think it's important. It does make sense that any Kart body that cut thru the air better would be faster.
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    Odd bore wear in low race clone motor?

    Any chance the bolt right there at the funky spot was torqued incorrectly and distorted the bore ? You could put a stack of washers under each bolt, torque to spec to simulate the head and mic the bore.
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    You Make the Call

    Black flagged for rough driving ? I've seen people beat their way to the front with no black flag. Lead or 2nd Kart must have been high roller or the guy someone wanted to win.
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    02 coyote assassin set up info

    I think if memory serves me, the Assassin is a low cross Kart. Several years ago our '03 was in the 55% X range. I really liked the Kart, still own it and have tho't of racing it again just to see. Jim Lipori (if he's still owner) always helped with questions. Give them a call. 585-352-0806...
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    Clone piston rings low tension

    Synthetic oil doesn't break-in real well. It lubricates too well to let the ring and cylinder mate.
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    Floor pans

    I made my floor pan out of a sheet of HDPE from Grainger. A fair amount of work but it turned out nice.
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    Front End Adjustments

    Just to clarify raising and lowering. You want to raise the FRAME at the corner where you want more weight. This will require (on the Front) more washers on top and fewer on the bottom, so in effect you lower the spindle within in the knuckle, which in turn raises the frame. The LF will have...
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    degree wheel

    Spiffy setup Mr. Baker. I'm jealous.