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    Tires coming off bead during race

    Absolutely. That's exactly when you would expect to see this problem. BUT, you still have to solve the problem (the track could end up being like this next weekend as well.) Fix the handling issues and I suspect that new tires will be fine on the wheels you have. When the track rubbers up...
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    Lo206 pz-22 carburetor problems.

    Also check the float drop measurement. Should be 1.050" in my opinion. IF the floats drop too far, the inlet needle gets hung up and allows the bowl to overfill. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz Carlson...
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    World Formula Rod

    It sure wouldn't hurt. We enlarge it even when running the PVC and catch can set-up. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz Carlson Motorsports on Facebook 32 years of service to the karting industry ~ 1Cor 9:24...
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    Animal intake for a 390 carb

    The animals "may" be running the WF carb (PZ26mm.) We do a few carbs for guys running small block s/a animal and that carb. Both the WF & 390 carbs can be bored for more's not a job for the weak of talent or patience though. :) ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson...
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    Big track vs short track (cross %)

    Track "size" has little to do with cross in my mind. The overall "shape" of the track, (radius of the corners, corner rpm drop, circle vs oval, etc) has more to do with desired cross. A big momentum 1/4 mile track will take more cross than a 1/10 paperclip....BUT, if that 1/10 mile track is...
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    ???Tire Pressures???

    Air pressure is also dependent on how much bite you have in your tires. Typically with small plate classes, we try to get up on air to gain roll speed, then add a ton of bite to the tires to gain back our sidebite that was sacrificed with the increase air psi. Lower HP, lower weight classes...
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    PRC Banshee

    Chuck, that kart will be just fine for your 6 year old to start out on. Yes, you wouldn't want to take it to a big money race, but for back yard racing, it's worth every dime. If you don't buy it, I will. :) ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector...
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    Clean oil. That's my suggestion. Pick a quality oil, and stick with it. There are many good ones available. All have differing amounts of additives to them, and some start with better base. Just be careful of different base stocks, as they are not compatible with one another and WILL cause...
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    Tires coming off bead during race

    Sounds like your mounting process is just fine. It's quite common to have to put a ton of air in a Vega to get it to bead out. They "could" have not beaded completely and just went unnoticed, I don't know. Being that you have mounted plenty successfully in the past, I doubt that as well...
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    Jet Size on Stock Flathead

    Gas can be tuned with the needle -- alcohol, it won't do much because of the volume. @ WOT, for max air flow, the butterfly should be straight. For stockers on alcohol, there's an advantage to have it just fore or aft center so that it pulls more fuel, especially on restrictor plate engines.
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    Lo206 Plug washer and Head Temp lead

    yea, it's a rule for a reason. You might remember from your animal days, builders chucking up spark plugs in their lathe and turning an add'l .080" off the shoulder to get the plug down in the combustion chamber deeper for an extra $5-$10. When Dave set forth the L206 rules, that consideration...
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    Lo206 Plug washer and Head Temp lead

    Yes, it really does give you an advantage -- that's why there is a rule. If it didn't matter, there would be no need for the rule. Now, if you're thinking that removing that washer will all of the sudden make you competitive, think again. :) ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson...
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    Fresh, clean, oil. Pick one and stick with it. FWIW, I like the Briggs/Amsoil 4T oil in all of our ohv engine applications. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz Carlson Motorsports on Facebook 32 years of...
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    Prep cans

    FWIW, we went to a new can supplier a while back for our quart containers that have a press in cap insert that has a spout on it. Other prep companies are using them as well. They cost us a bit more than your standard F Style, but certainly do pour better. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless...
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    What type of Kart is this

    I'll agree that it has some characteristics of some of Mike's karts, but I don't think that it is either. That plate may have been added later, as well as moving the master cylinder bracket and lower steering column support being moved/changed to a single pick-up. It looks a lot like one of our...