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    Finally got one

    It'll make a good starter car and you ave a great attitude about it. Have some fun on the cheap before you go all in on a more current ride, or decide to go a different direction. Balancing between the kart and the micro will be tough though. It seems as though one program always sacrifices...
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    Good man here. And good products!
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    Just got a response from Margay's Facebook Page, They said yes to them using USA made tubing for their chassis. Cool.

    ^ Ask that to the steel workers and their families where that American Made steel came from....Just sayin.' Thanks, Brian Carlson
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    Flathead ignition

    Probably what has happened is that the bearing and pocket have worn some and allow the flywheel to move up against the coil. Set the coil air gap at a minimum of .016." I prefer to set the right leg a bit further away. It's not a big deal, just something I carried over from years of flathead...
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    Can Briggs 206 work / drop in vintage Emmick kart that has Harbor Freight 212 cc motor?

    No, the 206 is built in Wisconsin. Hand assembled - not a production line engine. Some parts are sourced elsewhere (castings, carb, ignition, etc.) As for the vintage engine source -- check the vintage karting sites for that.
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    Best Cam for Stock flathead?

    For a DIY'er, go with the 96-3. Now, getting springs right may be a challenge without the proper tools and lots of experience. Most builders have their own proprietary profiles, or twists & tweaks, that they do to common grinds. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing...
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    Can Briggs 206 work / drop in vintage Emmick kart that has Harbor Freight 212 cc motor?

    Yes, the 206 should bolt right up where the current HF engine sits. (ie same bolt pattern on the base of the blocks.) Vintage correct would probably have been a West Bend or more likely Mac 91-93. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz...
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    Idle Issues

    Absolutely you need to set the float height and drop -- it is not preset from the factory. There are several other minor mods. you can make that will help as well, but let's get this thing up and running properly first. :) FWIW, this is why many racers choose to purchase a race-ready engine...
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    How to measure rear track

    I am guessing that Sundog is referring to sprint / road course tracks measuring rear track width on pavement karts. It's a rule that is closely enforced (or should be) on sprint chassis. On dirt ovals, they may check the width of the body (or nose), but generally the rear track width on an...
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    Flathead CC

    Do you mean CC displacement, or CC of the combustion chamber? Big difference. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz Carlson Motorsports on Facebook 31 years of service to the karting industry Linden, IN...
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    How to measure rear track

    Measure distance from wheel to frame rail. Measure track from outside to outside of the contact patch. Keep in mind that this is difficult to measure with some very round cut tires, Burris, etc. Some chalk dust on the floor of your garage (or tires) and rolling the kart 6" with the driver in the...
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    Clutch Gear Bearing Grease

    I use a high temp wheel bearing grease. It is red and easy to see. Do not pack the bearings -- if you see it squishing out, you've used too much. A very small amount goes a long way. Use it sparingly. NEVER use TriFlow on chains or in clutch bearings -- It WILL contaminate the clutch linings...
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    Yellow Vegas on pavement ovals and most sprint courses. There are instances where other brands & compounds are competitive, but hands down the preference will be Vegas across the board. ----- 🏁Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz...
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    Bully clutch 3 disc snap ring

    I have not found the genuine Bully snap ring to be available at any local hardware stores or hardware supply chains - I've only found that exact snap ring to be from Bully. I don't doubt that it can be found somewhere else, but you can get them through the normal Buller distributor network /...
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    Disc clutch springs

    Absolutely be more concerned with matching spring pressures. Keep in mind that wire diameter and length also affect the spring pressure. Don't just go by what color they are painted. I've seen plenty of clutches come through our shop for a rebuild that had re-painted springs that were not OEM...