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    100cc @ Ashway Speedway

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    Alabama race

    Parking list on southern unlimited Facebook
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    Alabama race

    I am
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    UAS engine packages

    It's a 750 twin 2 cycle snow motor. We don't have any rules. I run a crf450 we both have way to much hp it all comes down to tire's
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    May 29 ashway speedway $500 to win

    $500 to win $60 entry fee rwyb
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    2003 Crf450r Temps

    My 450 never gets that hot 150 to 180 on the track I never let it idle long so don't know how hot it will get I have a radiator from a 4 wheeler bought off eBay I have been thinking about going smaller. I just run tap water . Are water must be cleaner here I don't like to drink sand
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    anywhere good to go this weekend

    I don't know why they don't post on here but clay city is paying $1000 to win . I also found the uas race at liberty.
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    anywhere good to go this weekend

    I dont see anything anywhere
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    Looking for a starter!

    I have a friend that uses a mini light with a car battery on a ,2 wheel Dolly he made the cable from jumper cables.
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    Looking for a starter!

    I use a starter that is bigger than a mini light don't know the brand. I use a lawnmower battery the high cca. From rual King. Little heavy not bad.if your decompresser is set right it cranks right up. I have been meaning to check on a litham bat. A guy told me you can get one that will start a...
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    Is there a gear rule is it out of the box and rpm thanks
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    anywhere to go this weekend

    I am going crazy i am off work all week because of the snow storm in nashville would like to rum my 450 this sat. please post if any rwyb racing this weekend