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    General tools

    personally i'v always used a good 12v impact so not to strip or twist studs on wheels, 7/16 deep well socket for impact, (Wheel nuts and chain sprocket)
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    420 no start

    timing to high
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    Considering going to super heavy

    run both, sheet lead in the seat for the extra weight needed and take it out to run the other class have fun an good luck
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    Michron 3 battery holder

    I been looking for one a wheel I sent one to AIM for the same thing a little while back and they sent it back, told me they didn't have parts to replace them from the looks of it, they don't carry parts for the mychron 3 anymore and don't work on them anymore
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    AiM Steering Wheel

    is that shipped ? PM me if it is
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    2020 scythe champions edition

    price ?
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    2019 Deuce tag 190A3X

    price ?
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    New fairing shield and bracket

    pics of the shield and bracket to 931.446.7591 thanks
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    5 Bolt valve cover

    didn't the first blue tin 196 cc clones from Harbor freight, have 5 bolt valve covers
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    Pushing horrible

    nose weight, not enough will make your kart front push all the way through the corners
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    2019 deuce low races 2100 shipped

    I do 1500 shipped ?
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    Oil coming out the vent tube.

    rings maybe upside down on piston, I did that once and the engine would blow oil
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    2017 Recon ce 1500 in Illinois

    pics to 931,446.7591 thanks
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    Animal Carb. NEW

    brand new animal carb, had if a few years and dont need it $80 plus shipping and plus paypal fees if interested text 931.446.7591 thanks