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    Margay Straight up

    Yep - the old 62 series wheels 😁
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    tools & spare parts

    ^^^ that’s a great start for sure
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    CR 125

    And what year ?
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    2 cycle exhaust

    Port heights, carb trigger, etc etc ? Plus they have hundreds of laps around that place. They are top notch drivers for sure.
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    2 cycle exhaust

    Gotcha - not sure what the CIK classes are for lap times. Who won ? One of the Browns ?
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    2 cycle exhaust

    What did you run for lap times ?
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    2 cycle exhaust

    Which track ?
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    Limited Flathead Engine

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    Hand held starter - Old Skool

    Have an older hand held starter. One way clutch feels fine, could use new grips on the handles. $50 + shipping from TX
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    Emmick seat cover

    Basically a brand new Emmick seat cover - I’m guessing a medium - can send measurements if interested. $60 + shipping PM for more info if needed
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    College Football 2021

    A&M played way above their level last night - definitely was a solid performance for that team. If only TX had kept their lead over OU, would have been a great day. At least my Buckeyes won 😁
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    Im going to the nationals!!!!

    Which class(es) ?
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    No oil

    Which ones are POA oils ?