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    Box Stock (bp) clone build

    It is...
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    Box Stock (bp) clone build

    We ran 10.8 lb springs in restricted box class. Box stock has no rules on spring stiffness (i.e 10.8, 22, 26 lb.). The rules say "stock" but then go onto say any single valve spring allowed. Spark plug was black like normal. 3910x.
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    Box Stock (bp) clone build

    I think I was 180 out of time... Reset it and seems to be right on the test stand. econeconosprint2, thanks for the advice. rules: Valve Train: Stock valve-train only in stock configuration except: Any single valve springs and valve spring shims are allowed; Any 5.5mm stem steel valve...
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    Box Stock (bp) clone build

    I built a box stock clone for a backup engine and just to have fun. I used: ARC bullet rod. Bp2 cam Billet flywheel 32 deg timing. .06 coil gap .036 main jet. 26 lb spring. .004 ring gap. Hone cylinder to max diameter .018 head gasket. Is this close? Reason I ask is that I build a...
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    Alfano 6

    Italy has been hit hard by the Covid and Mychrons are built there. They are struggling to keep up so there is a shortage of Mychron's. Our season starts in a couple weeks. Well see how the Alfano does against the Mychon. I have ran a Mychron5 for the past 3 years. At this point it was...
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    Alfano 6

    I have an Alfano 6 and have a couple questions. I bought the CHT for it. When I use that with a 14mm AR3910X plug, I can't get a standard spark plug socket on it. I ended up turning down a socket to make it work. Am I missing something? How are you guys tightening the plug down? The...
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    Anyone run a viper clutch?

    I have been running a 2 disk 6 spring Viper on a LO206 green and red slide for 4 years. Works great. This year will be on a Box Stock kart.
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    ISO: Triton Jr - Central IA

    ISO Triton Jr in Iowa. Can be bare frame or roller. Thanks.
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    Box Stock vs. Restricted Box Stock in Iowa

    I am been reading the rules/classes for English Creek Speedway in Knoxville Iowa. I see they have a Box Stock and Restricted Box Stock. However, when I read their rules, I don't see anything that tells me what the differences are between the two classes. I'm assuming the restricted is a lower...