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    Tire roller?

    Nice R-1. I sure miss mine. Wish I still had it.
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    What kind of tools are you looking for.
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    What’s some headers to test out. I have a dyno. I built flatheads back in the 90s-early 2000’s. New to the clone engine, just a hobby to keep me busy. med/hev unrestricted NKA stock class. 1/4 mile momentum track
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    2017 Falcon Vision base line setup.

    Looking for a baseline set up for 2017 Falcon Vision. 1/4 mile dirt ovel, med bite track, maxxis. Will be running clone med and heavy at times. Caster, camber, stagger, %,
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    Dover DX-4 Cam

    Looking for the setup # to this cam. also running a Aaa carb. Dusting off the old flathead for a 50 and older flathead class. Can’t seem to find my setup sheet on this motor/cam. Thx