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    Honda Gx390 Will not Rev up over Idle.

    Could be a warped head. May be related to the blown head gasket. Check on a table or with straight edge
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    Looking for a crf450 builder

    Got an engine. It's a former UAS motor from the Mid-Atlantic States. Going to do some top end work on it. New cylinder, piston and head work. Bottom end looks good but I'll replace the rod for peace of mind. Trans has been previously removed and its jackshafted. Hoping to get it all together for...
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    ? Dirt racing near Deland Florida?

    Fruitland Park, Volusia, Dirt Devils, New Smyrna
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    450 jackshaft

    Judges Performance Machine sells a great engine mount for it.
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    Karting Sellout Package/ Will Separate! !!

    Interested in ur mychron5. PM me with price, description etc
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    Best Race bodies
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    Cast crankshaft strength?

    I road race a VC 460 with a 4 disc Bully on a jackshaft. What Brian says is true. The jackshaft does save the clutch discs. I buff the discs after two race weekends and change them after 6 race weekends. They are usually still within spec so I keep them for spares. The belt drive on the crank to...
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    VC460 interesting noise, camshaft knock?

    Check the clearance between the rod and the crankshaft. They tend to get oval quickly. Check the torque on the end cap bolts. Could be loose.
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    Looking for a crf450 builder

    Still looking. Any recommendations?
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    2020 Racing Graphics

    Do you make decals for CIK bodywork karts?
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    Engine storage

    It's also important to drain the fuel from the carb float bowl. Some people run a gas and oil mix thru it, some spray it out with WD-40, others have their own voodoo that they do to it. Otherwise the gas will gum up the carb. I usually block the intake and exhaust so no moisture can find it's...
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    DAYTONA 2019

    Yes, got that sorted out fairly well. Ran a one to one ratio belt drive from the crank to the jackshaft and a 2.2 final drive ratio from the jackshaft to the sprocket using 428 chain and 4 disc Bully clutch. It kept us at 6700rpm alone and up to 7000rpm in the draft.
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    DAYTONA 2019

    Flat top: Looks like the rod went. Not sure if it was the rod cap that pulled out or if it snapped mid-shaft.
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    DAYTONA 2019

    We lost a rod in the Vegascart Big Block. Luckily we got that done before the rain :)