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    Premier chassis compares to slack, prc, charger

    Looking to buy a new chassis. You don't see many premier chassis off of the east coast, but from what everyone tells me they are great chassis. Has anyone had experience with these compared to the others above. Will be racing Ohio, PA, wv, MD on mostly Burris tracks. Expensive decision to make...
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    Sponsorship pricing?

    I know it's a vague question and its going to vary depending on location, and size of sponsorship, but what do you guys normally get paid for sponsors on your karts and what size decals do you offer for a certain price? Just looking into pricing options..
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    Tools to take to the track

    Sorry if this has been a post before, but what is on everyone's must have list for tools & supplies to take to the track?
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    Ohio Tracks to race

    Good Afternoon everyone! I have family out near Marietta Ohio and was wondering if anyone near there races, and if so what dirt tracks are near the Marietta area. It can be within an hour or two. Would love to branch out of WV and race in Ohio some next year. Thanks!
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    18 Slack Xpect Vs Ultra & PRC & questions

    New here after a long time away from racing but looking to purchase an 18 Slack Xpect chassis. Have a few questions as in how do these chassis stand up against the PRC & Ultra's. Also I will be purchasing the bare chassis, in general how much am I looking at in cost to get race ready minus...