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    Predator build

    The vibration is more than likely the cause .. The rod is more than likely seized to the crank . No big deal just replace rod an polish the crank
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    Filing +.005 rings to fit stock bore

    Alot of two ring pistons use wider expander rings with much larger oil drain back holes . So my guess would be a 3 ring piston only using 2 rings would smoke really bad because of the oil being trapped and not draining back
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    Not AKRA Approved

    Only 2 nuts hold that item on an engine , are you sure it came from him that way ? From the looks of that top plate that is a older engine .. Most builders now have cut top plates with their names etched in it .. im just saying thats kinda bad business
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    NKA Clone Temp

    What rpms are you turning ? Is the motor lugging off the corners , thatll cause heat ..
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    Max rpms

    As the guys are telling you , average adult clone is anywhere from 6800-7100 depends on who and when it was built
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    Valve Springs

    Not tryin to start a argument, but ya should shop around for some different valve springs then ..
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    Predator 212 help

    He says in original post he has a mod 2 cam they are not a high lift cam it has big duration
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    Predator 212 help

    I cut .075 off the last 2 non hemis I did but both of those were around .030 in the hole an used a .010 head gasket
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    212 dies when off roading

    Unplug the oil sensor and disconnect the vent hose on the top of the gas tank
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    Jets and Adjustment

    Another factor you have not told is what carb is on the engine different casting require different jets
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    Rpm cut at 6k rpm

    More than likely you are off on gear
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    What can be done to a true box stock to improve power

    Most of the tracks here in the south have a 5500 rpm limit .and must look stock with all the stock parts an pieces on them .. that’s all they do is look at the engine sitting on the kart and check the rpms .. PS don’t bring a knife to a gun fight .. it won’t be fun