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    Kart hopping

    If its high bite, add left.
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    Cold Fuel

    Cold fuel has its advantage for qualifying. The hard part is timing the push to the grid so you keep it cold.
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    When to scuff tires ??

    With Burris, you're often on a different set every time you hit the track. They aren't just sanded. They're often also cut on a machine with different profiles depending on the type of surface and available bite for that day.
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    Digital Air Gauge ?

    Longacre's $50 digital gauge reads in .2lb increments but is limited to 60PSI max. The $300 Intercomp reads in 0.1lb increments and is limited to 100 and 150PSI. It comes down to how precise you want to be. We use the Intercomp but the Longacre is perfectly fine as well. As stated before, use...
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    Giving back - personal experience

    The only way to improve in karting is to race against people who are MUCH better than you are. Stiff competition has a way of unapologetically poking holes in your entire program. Those opportunities to improve would have never been entertained had you stayed running against lower competition...
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    Kart Swap

    To the best of my knowledge, if you swap chassis or engines in NKA, the change must be presented to tech for reconciliation and you start from the rear of the remaining features you have left. Failure to do either results in a DQ in every class that you get a podium in. Some choose to run two...
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    Well here it is

    In the 90's and 00's, Cup crew chiefs would soak the air filter in propylene oxide and slap it on right before qualifying.
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    How important is humidity.

    I would worry about how the humidity is effecting wiping tires at the track and try to adjust for that before I would chase a jet change.
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    How much Does it Cost for You Guys to Race?

    Are we talking just entry fees and pit passes? For 3-4 classes (pro included) at a bigger show in the midwest that would run you around $300. If we're including the tire bill that total goes to around $1000. If we're talking all inclusive fuel to and from the track, food, pit space...
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    !!!! WIN PHOTOS THREAD !!!!

    That check is for the pro class only. The 3 other wins didnt come with a fancy check.
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    !!!! WIN PHOTOS THREAD !!!!

    I don't share a lot of victory lane photos, but our Junior 1 driver had a pretty good weekend. Swept all 4 Jr 1 poles and features for the Maxxis Midwest race # 1 at KC Raceway.
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    KC Raceway Gearing

    15-62 is a good starting point.
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    Helmet fogging

    breath deflector
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    Scale every weekend that you race. Before racing either at home or at the track to get a baseline, and also after you get home if you made adjustments. Doesn't matter if the adjustments worked or not, you need to know why they did/didn't and how much did those adjustments changed the chassis.
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    Small gear vs. regular gear

    Standard 35 chain.