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    Nickel Silicon Carbide plating a Blockzilla-1

    I ran SKUSA sprint stock honda shifter rules where the 99 or 2001 stock nikasil cylinders where the rule. They are aluminum coated cylinders ran with stock none coated factory honda pistons. No cast iron or sleeves involved which gives very good wear, you only had to replace the piston to keep...
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    Nickel Silicon Carbide plating a Blockzilla-1

    That is going to be my plan, no sleeve, I just need to determine the size of piston to send.
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    Interesting, but not a job I'd want

    Makes ya wonder if CV-19 made its way threw treatment facilities and back into some water supplies?
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    Nickel Silicon Carbide plating a Blockzilla-1

    Thank you Brains, I think I will go for a few thousands less than my sleeve OD so I could use my sleeve if the coating ever gets damaged. Humm, They clearance and finish the coating to the piston size after it's coated, shouldn't I have the studs and torque plate installed when I send it to them?
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    Nickel Silicon Carbide plating a Blockzilla-1

    I have a new BZ1 block that I haven't installed a cast iron sleeve in yet. It's still standard bore size and my thoughts are that I could fit a larger piston to it if I just had the bore Plated instead. Anyone with experience in doing this? I also wonder how big of a bore I could go with when...
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    Corona Virus

    Something that would utilize the disinfectant properties of UV radiation while also protecting people from its radiation.
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    Corona Virus

    I would think that a UV mask could be the next step?
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    Honest hp numbers

    The differences are interesting to think about. It seems to me that an inertia wheel acts much like a kart and drivers weight working with a motors power out put on track. When a motor has a temporary loss of power on track the acceleration stops yet the momentum continues on. Where a brake dyno...
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    Honest hp numbers

    Alvin, I think I remember that an acceleration dynos weight of the wheel that is accelerated and timed to record and measure torque is calibrated by the time it takes for it to decelerate from a given rpm back down to 0 rpm. Instuctions to do that are in the Performance tends instructions.
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    Thank you Alvin Nunley

    you know, 7/16 - 10 cents = 10mm
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    Syncronized exhaust note

    Then the too loud police started the muffler rules.
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    Please share

    Racing is a team effort, just race one and compete for the seat.
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    Animal BP vs 206 Super Stock

    Mac_49, You missed out when we had TAG USA rules running in Colorado. Many options, the only thing needed was good mechanics, good chassis tuning and lots of money.
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    No need for animal.

    Where are these $200.00 worn out 206 motors? I don't mean just the short blocks. $200 is a great price for the billet flywheel, ignition system, PZ carb, in take, recoil,tins? I mean a complete old 206 motor.
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    NOS flat head Wiseco pistons

    The seven that you can see the label id.