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    Gearing help

    I would try the 13 driver with a 60 to 64 gear . With the 14 driver , the motor is bogging down in the corner to much as it is . That 17 driver will be even worse . If you have a tach on your kart , depending on what tach you have , you should be able to see the RPM highs and lows for each lap ...
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    Passing of Denver Phillips

    Thoughts and Prayers for the Family and Friends !
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    Thoughts and Prayers for family and friends ..
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    Body Shortage

    I'm trying out a new smooth M&M body this year to see how it does . $175 at the swap meet . They had several ..
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    steering rack

    With only 3 1/2 inches lock to lock , I wouldn't try it on a kart other than it's intended purpose , straight line dragsters . A good handling dirt kart doesn't use much steering input , but it's nice to have if you do need it , lol
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    Stock flywheel

    Many Predator classes use the stock flywheel , with a free rev rule of up to 5800 without seeing any problems . I personally would not turn one faster than 5500 on free rev . In stock classes , where track RPM's range anywhere from 4800 to 5100 or there abouts , they seem to be holding together...
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    Gearing help

    Not knowing the weight class he is running , I bet he ends up on a 12 or 13 driver and a 61 or 62 gear . And it should be known , what some of us call a Predator is a Harbor Freight 212 , and a clone is a 196 . Not knowing exactly what he is running makes a big difference . I am just pointing...
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    Anyone ever use the Alfano 6 tach/datalog?

    You can get a WiFi hotspot device , such as one from Straight Talk , but I think some tracks have WiFi . I still use the Mycron 4 myself . I get all I need from it . I have my own beacon that I put out , if a track doesn't have one . I look at RPM's , the drop , engine temp , lap times , which...
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    Predator 212 Hemi Won't Idle After Valve Lash Adjustment

    If your using an aftermarket flywheel , you may need to open the air gap up some over stock . I am not sure if the PVL uses earth magnets . Try a 34 low speed jet along with your 38 high and see if that helps . Make sure the fuel shutoff isn't closed . It should be running if you have spark and...
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    Anyone ever use the Alfano 6 tach/datalog?

    My understanding is that they are made in Belgum and have come a long way on making the reliable .
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    Predator 212 Hemi Won't Idle After Valve Lash Adjustment

    Have you figured out where the idle jet is located ? Sounds like the lifters are mushroomed out enough to drag , possibly done when you had to use a hammer on them . Did you check the crank end play ? Also I have read in some posts here in the past about crank/cam interference . Was there a lot...
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    Prayers for getting well soon !
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    Track schedules and classes 2021?

    I have seen Green Plates turn laps faster than most adult classes , just sayin . It might be time for some tracks to really consider gear rules or some other form to slow the kids down some . Bullrings aren't so bad , but big momentum tracks might have to go some route to slow them down some .
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    For our regular shows , Dirt Squirts and Red Plates race for free and get trophies for top 3 , Green plate is $5 and race for trophies , but have an end of year money race , everything else is money races , $20 entries , 100% payout , and $200 to win if more than 10 karts in a class . $10 gate...
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    Gear setup in a 1/5 mile dirt oval

    Without knowing what has been done to the engine ect, , rules and such , it is difficult to give a guess as to what could be suggested . But Racing Promotor has given you a pretty good starting point . I would also keep a 15 and 16 driver handy , as you can never tell what you might encounter ...