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    Engine Prices WOW !!!!!

    I haven't seen any
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    Engine Prices WOW !!!!!

    Let's face it we all love karting and yes we will all pay up to get up front
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    Ultimate street go kart over 180hp Yamaha R1 running around town for 10 minutes and never seeing a cop and passing lots of cars hauling ass , wow how lucky can you get.
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    Daytona race

    The sprint series are running on RAIN tires and it called for 90% last night for Sunday . Yamaha jr Matt Solarzed won around lunch time and then the Parilla seniors ran on rain tires also Myers, 1 st then Boos, Geringer. . I saw the Tag Master race on rain tires also and Brian Mc Hattie...
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    Merry Christmas to all kart racers

    Today is the last day going to the Mall been there 4 times in last 5 days.. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.
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    Ice racing shifters

    Guys for all you northern that gets lots of snow, and ice here is the ticket for winter racing . Just click on the link and enjoy. That is on my bucket list.
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    How to post pic's on Bob's

    How do you post pic's directly on Bob's. What is the procedure? I got Windows 8 on the lap top and got pic's in my photos pictures library. Any body? I know about the symbol on bob's to insert image but after that Can't seem to know what to do after that. example http://