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    Any racing 5/29

    Well planned to go to North Vernon but mother nature said no, anywhere else in Indiana Ohio Illinois or kentucky racing today?
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    Any where to race or practice this weekend

    What is ajc show?
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    Any where to race or practice this weekend

    Hunting for a place to race this weekend may 9th? This wahun flu has me dieing to race!
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    Looking for interest

    I would most deffinately be intersted in sunday schedule.
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    Us 41 lake village

    What need to happen is someone with the passion for racing need to own the track..otherwise it's never gonna happen no matter how hard the community wants it..
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    Larry Jones NEW Equipment

    Tire man wet dream right there. Lol
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    Flathead cutting out

    Ngk plug. It had about .030 gap changed plug and diaphragm and seems ok now.. it's an adult engine. Was at one point gold plate engine but I've always been told a gold plate engine is built like an adult and they stick the plate in. Dover carb and engine..triple a card not marked with an r for...
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    Flathead cutting out

    Changed jet from 56 to a 60.. going to try a new diaphragm tonight I really think it's fuel related as it will rack to about 4k then cut then rev again higher but ran a lap down the street and it seamed intermittent through the pull.. I lost the header last race and it was very Poppy and choppy...
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    Flathead cutting out

    So I have a Dover flatty that ran great for 3 races.. now it's cutting out in the mid Rpm range both loaded and unloaded.. Ideas? Help,
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    Who's got races left in Indiana and surrounding

    Just wondering who all has races left on the schedule.. looking for some where for saturday
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    Axiom as UAS chassis?

    Any one riding an axiom..Have one and I'm about to pick up a YZ 250 2 cycle full bike..Question is bows any one use a slack in the UAS..
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    Axiom as UAS chassis?

    Any one using a axiom as a UAS chassis? Have a 2012 and been debating a UAS setup.. are these chassis to plush?
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    Thoughts a 14.5ci open class

    Now that all the flatty guys have engines sitting, I was wondering if any areas are considering a 14.5ci open class. Mainly for the guys with now obsolete engines, could modify them as they wish flatty and ohv both with 14.5 ci limit would it be a level field mixxinbthem with out a weight break...
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    Excessive heat

    Had a flathead run hot this weekend, triesd pouring more fuel to it and it didn't cool downlike 420 head temp. I have beenbtold that I may have wrppes to close to the head, also have same issue with my limited both have header wraped almost all the way to the flange. Could this be my culprit?
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    Does everyone still require Snell rated helmets

    So I know helmets used to have to be Snell rated to use, I found a very very nice agv that I can get easy. But it's only dot rated.. new Valentino Rossi helmet.. love the design on the thought was dot rates them for 140 mph bike it's gotta be safe for a kart.