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    Cam indentification

    I have two cams. One has DF in between lopes. The other has KC. Any ideas on what they are. They don't look like stock take outs.
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    Tire duro

    Why should the left rear be harder? Left front softer? (Than rights)....just asking because I am having trouble keeping my left rear harder than rights keep hardening up at a faster rate. What effects does this have on my handling?
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    Duro based on grip

    In general, should duro readings be lower on lower grip tracks or higher?
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    Tires not staying soft.

    I am kind of new to softening tires and having some difficulty. I have burris 33s that are older. The lefts are like 2005 or 6 and rights are 2011s.I am trying to get them to punch in the 40s. The rights were punching 65 and left front 60. The left rear was punching 52. I am using track tac...
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    Let's debate

    I have two questions. The first is for my own knowledge and the second is to see peoples' opinions. 1. In general, what type of tracks/conditions favor higher and lower caster settings? 2. What is the single most important trackside adjustment and which ones bring the most gains in speed...
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    Best prep for hot, dry, and low grip conditions.

    Looking for what preps are good for hot, dry, and low grip conditions. The track is not clay. It is a dirt track. We run Burris 33s. I currently run track tac products but open to ideas. Right now I am just using black sand as a weekly prep. Any ideas on trackside preps?
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    Cross Adjustment

    Here is my question: When I increase cross by moving washers in the front one way or another, does it matter if for instance the right side has all the washers on top or bottom and the left side is still close to the middle? I guess I am trying to ask how important is changing...
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    2012 Redemption

    I am just wondering what effect moving the slideable RF hollow and squared tubed caster block does to the kart? In and Out?
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    Tire Prep to use

    Looking to expand my preps. I run burris 33s and vega yellows. I also have considered juicing some 55s. I would like to just stick to track tac preps or some universal prep that doesn't conflict with track tac products. I currently just use black sand. I also just got some acrysol. I also use...
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    pmi chain guide system

    I just bought this chain guide system. I am trying to install and I am just wanting to know if the block is supposed to be touching the chain. Mine is not touching my chain. Is it not supposed to work as a tensioner? Also if it doesn't touch can i make a bracket out of aluminium to raise it up...
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    hemi flat top and arc rod

    Will an arc rod from a clone fit on a hemi flat top piston? I know it won't fit on a predator crank but I am wanting to put a clone crank in a predator and don't want to buy a wiseco.
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    best pull starters?

    I have seen several types of clone pull starters. Which from experience is the best quality? I have had some experience lately with them junking out pretty quickly. Where to buy them? Are the honda ones any better?
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    Trying to figure out a dry slick dirt track. NEED HELP

    First I will say I have only been racing for about a year now, so I am still a beginner and any help would be appreciated. Most people are running clay tracks with probably lots of grip, well I am running on a small DIRT track that is usually dry slick with only one groove and that is on the...
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    Just assembled a box stock and the thing is smoking excessively out of the overflow tank. It is watery not oil. It isn't smoking any out of the exhaust just of the valve cover and through the overflow. WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS?
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    Best Box Stock Torque Cam?

    Which is the best torque cam for box stock? I run a real small track. BSP2, BSP3, Holey Moses Cam, CL1, CLI improved, or CL2 or something else? Any info would be great. I have heard the original CL1, not the new one and the bsp2 may be my best bets.