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    Box Stock BP

    who built it?
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    Adult Wing INT class

    Ive been throwing around some ideas for an engine package to get more adults interested in converting to a wing. I took a look at the PA wings rules and think its an interesting package but think some slight changes would help keep cost somewhat under control. with their rules they allow bike...
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    10th Annual Clone Nationals Jr 1 wing 300 to win

    10th Annual Clone Nationals August 27, 2017 Poplar Grove Speedway, Kamrar Iowa Senior Clones $1000 to win Jr II Clone, Jr I Clone, Clone Putt Putt $100 to win plus any additional sponsor money to come in Any 4 Cycle, 2 Cycle or Wing Class that has 5+ karts--Winner will receive trophy & $25...
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    lct 208

    anybody have any info on lct clones? I got a 208 off a trash pump at work we no longer use and was wondering if any 196 internal or flywheels will work. Looking to build an S/a for a mini late model fun kart
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    420 flywheel

    Does the 420 use the 390 Honda flywheel?
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    Does anybody know of a calculator that you can enter tire roll changes to figure out what ration to run? I know kartsmart used to have it but I tried to download it again today and it says I have the wrong version of windows. We run treaded tires by rule so we are about 3-4 inches taller roll...
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    2001 KTM 250sx motor package

    How much to ship to 50271?
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    dyno numbers

    Just curious what kind of numbers a lo206 will put out compared to bp clone. We have a series that is going to run lo206 and an older version of BP clones together. Just wondering if they are even close.
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    engine mounts

    Does anybody make a mount for a rm 250 2 stroke? I have seen the 4 stroke one from qrc wasn't sure if that would be the same or not.
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    Ecs clones?

    Did the billet side cover ever get ok'd. My friend bought one a couple years ago not knowing and was told that they were considering it for 2015.Didnt see it in the rules so figured I'd ask to see if it was or not before we head down that way.
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    Yard kart jets

    I'm putting a hemi on a yard kart. Will I need to drill the jets if I put a filter adapter on it or not? Plan on leaving the tank on and stock muffler
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    Manco yard kart parts

    I've tried looking and not able to find a 6 in brake drum for a manco. I have found several that are for a live axle but this one bolts to the sprocket . Anybody know where I could find one.
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    Warrior chassis?

    Have been talking with a guy who has a what he thinks is a couple year old chassis. By looking at the brake caliper,steering wheel 1 1/4 axle and front end parts it looks to me like a mid to late 90's. It has a couple spots on the left rails that you can install bolts to tie them together and on...
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    Jr winged outlaw for sale

    will sell as roller and no seat for 1800. can also raise cage for an adult to fit in it .
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    Looking for QRC Shorty

    I have a nemesis converted Jr kart.I know it's not a shorty but with a shorty you have to buy all new in a couple years with a converted kart you can run from 4-74