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    Engine Prices WOW !!!!!

    Weddle, so your saying you don't think builders should be able to charge for the labor they put into an engine? You spend way more time than most builders I know of. Most spend 8-10 hours start to finish. If you charged even $25 per hour, that adds up pretty quick. And considering "most"...
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    Animal Build by Jamie Webb

    I wrote that up for the FAQ section. A little bit of that information was getting out dated so really it was time to do a re-write or a good edit job anyway. I went back through some old USB drives and found an old version. Like I said, this info is a little dated. I think the date on this...
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    Daytona - Who's running what?

    Just looking to see what everyone is running beside the stock Animal classes. Looking to see what everyone is running ie: clone, 206, Pro-Gas, etc. Don't want to sign in 206 with 2 karts and be the only 2 karts or clone or PG. So who's in for clone, 206, or PG?