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    Time to get the dyno going.

    Dataq works well. I've built my dyno with it. I use a load cell also. The dataq box is very affordable, and fairly simple to use. I have the load cell, head temp, rpm, and o2 sensor hooked up. The only thing is that it just records the torque. you can calculate the hp manually. or if you have...
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    Dyno pump

    i thought that the hoses binding couldve been a problem. but the run horizontally, and the pump has really no restrictions to rotate, it rotates freely. im going to pull the pump apart and scope it out.
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    Dyno pump

    I did change the suction hose cause I thought it was collapsing. that wasnt the problem. If I'm making a lot of pulls the oil will get pretty hot. but that's never effected the pulls because if using the load cell.
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    Dyno pump

    What are some signs of a pump going bad on a dyno? My engines are all of a sudden showing way low on power, 2 that I've fooled with, and 1 that I have touched. The one I havent touched is almost 1 hp off from just the 15th. Or I'm wondering if my load cell is going bad?
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    JT-223 Head Worth The Hype?

    From what I've seen, they're pretty close on the dyno. I have one of each. But seems like the 158 is slightly better in the higher rpm range from what I've seen
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    Mychron lap playback

    Do you think you can tell if you're gear bound by watching the lap playback on the mychron?
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    Unrestricted to black plate

    Cool. Thank you.
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    Unrestricted to black plate

    What kind of power drop would one expect going from unrestricted to the one hole black plate? Not looking for dyno numbers much, just a kind of general idea.
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    Hot box question

    What's the hottest you would need to heat tires too for any given reason? Either at the track or at home rolling tires. Have some old thermostats from work, might try to use them to make a hot box.
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    set up plates

    seen an ad for set up plates that you use in place of the tires when scaling. anyone use them? seems like a good idea, but never heard of anyone using them.
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    TKS champ

    i have a tks champ, not sure on the year but it has a double heim front end. are they worth fooling with?
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    Race city 3 cam

    Anyone know what the ignition timing should be set for the race city 3 cam?
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    Jr champ bully setup

    What would be the ideal set up for a bully 2 disk 6 spring clutch? Running jr champ, 360lbs, unrestricted clone.
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    checking cc

    when checking the cc, does the spark plug hole have to be level and plumb, or just level the head surface? i have a stand that makes the cylinder level and plumb, but was wondering if you have to level the tech nut to get the right reading?
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    Correction factor

    Would someone mind helping me out with the correction factor formula? I've built a hydraulic dyno, that uses Microsoft excel to do the graphs and calculations. I think I'm close to using the formula, I would just like to be sure.