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    Competition Carb on crf450r

    yes sir they emailed me last night 2.5 out on the low/ 1.5 out on high.......
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    Competition Carb on crf450r

    just built rebuilt a 03 honda crf450r for an open class kart, Question is I have a Competition Carb 45mm installed and am needing help with starting points on adjusting and tuning the carb. Any advice appreciated. Forgot to say it is setup for methanol........thanks again
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    Bully Clutch Jr Class

    New to kart racing, but trying to learn, I have a Bully 3 disc 6(red)spring clutch, will this clutch work in a Jr Class,purple restrictor plate, 212 predator stock, with governor disconnected, my son is nearly 6' tall, 150#, if so, how should I set it up and what rpm? thanks for any input and...