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    Chain maintenance

    Reading through all these suggestions, there are a couple of things here that are not good for the chain--cleaning them in gas, solvent, brake cleaner. Leave these for what they are intended. Yes, they will clean a chain but ruin it also. These fluids can get into crevices that your lube...
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    Help picking engine and torque converter

    If the tire from the ground to the top of the tire is greater than 13" than you should have a torque converter. Once the larger tires get on the kart it has to be a torque converter. A clutch will turn a tire 12" to 13" in diameter if the gearing is correct 10 tooth clutch needs a 60 tooth...
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    Torque converter performance

    I will make two assumptions, tire size lets say in 12" diameter and you are using #420 chain 10 tooth sprocket going to a 62 rear sprocket. (#41 or #40 chain would all come out to the same speed) which is 35mph based on the governor still in the engine. If you put in a torque converter using...
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    Lo206 clutch..

    On the Stinger Clutch just sand the shoes to get the glaze off them and well as the drum. Rust in a clutch is "ok" it improves the coefficient of friction but will only be there a short time. The heart of a clutch is the spring or springs. When they are going bad your engagement will be...
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    Lo206 clutch..

    J par-- the question was asked if you have a disc clutch or a drum clutch. I can tell you what to look for on a Max-Torque but I will let the others tell you on their own clutch what to look for to determine when you need to replace things. A clutch can only transfer horsepower from the engine...
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    Choosing the Right Gearing

    Center to center on the side pins on 219 chain is .300 while on #35 chain it is .375 (3/8 which is why it is called 3/8 pitch). as for ease on the clutch the smaller the gear on the clutch the easier it is on the clutch and the quicker it can lock up. as you increase in sprocket size on the...