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    Set up question

    It will increase your cross a good bit, add more negative rf, and more positive lf camber.
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    Pro x-cel brakes

    A bubby of mine had the same issue after just a couple of races. We removed the pistons, changed the o rings and reversed the pistons, (putting the o rings deeper in the bore) and haven't had any problems since.
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    EV 6 intake center line

    . .oxx ???? low side air bleed??
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    Continuation discussion of timing gauge.

    I am interested as well. How do I go about ordering this?
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    Balancing tires

    I balance my tires from the right front spindle. Works very well. The bearings need to be clean and free.
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    New cam?

    I've heard there's a new camshaft out there for the stock clone. Anybody know anything about it? Can't seem to find any info.
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    2016 Millenium Faktor

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    Armour wall

    What is armour wall that is being used inside the tire to strengthen the sidewall? Thanks.
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    Bad rod

    I read somewhere that there was a bad batch of rods that came through. I think it was a CY, but not sure. Anybody know? Thanks.
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    Is there some other place to order low tension rings other than the Dyno's? They are a little too low tension for me. Thanks.
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    Anybody had a chance to test the Dyno CL-4 cam? Results? Thanks.
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    Wheel flex

    Hey, guys. Have you seen any wheel flex issues on high biting tracks? I've seen some wheels rub the spindle arm that were close to 1/8" off on the stand. Spindle flex , maybe? What wheels resist flex best? Thanks.
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    Cutting cylinder head

    Hey, guys. Merry Christmas to everyone. Is there a maximum amount I can cut the head as long as I meet the minimum cc rule? Thanks.
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    Mychron 5 issue

    Hey, guys. I have a buddy with a Mychron 5 and we can't figure out how to get the engine temps to replay. It shows the temp real time when he comes in the pits only. Everything else replays fine. Are we missing something. Thanks.
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    Pocket cutter

    Hey , guys. Where can I get the cutter to cut the valve pocket per NKA rules. Thanks.