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    Race #3 of the GOAT Series @ Low Country Kartway on May 8th

    What rule book are they using so we can ensure we have the right parts and measurements? The same people crying about cheating are the same ones that don't spend the time working on tires and run in the back regardless.
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    A good starting point hobby 425 triple t

    You have to run a 20 or 21 driver so a 20/54 21/57 will get you close
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    2021 BackYard Series Race #1 on May 1st. New Tires to be introduced for the Series!!

    Will there be a limit on tires for each class or for the race itself?
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    Fast tax USA gearing

    16/60 should get you close. It can get a little on the sandy side depending on the weather, with as much rain as we’ve had hopefully it won’t.
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    Gotcha. I know one of our local Carolina Saturday night guys went there and qualified 2nd and finished top 3 on Cobras and was less than .1 off. I believe he said he had never seen the track or a set of cobras before.
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    How far off were Cobras in the predator class where they had the bonus?
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    1st Annual Jeff “BIGBOY” Derrick memorial HANGING ROCK KARTWAY 9-26-20 full details below

    Will you do a lineup ahead of time so we can see how much time between classes and what we can run? Thanks
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    Scythe Setup

    Does anyone have a good starting point for setup numbers for limited heavy for a scythe at Hanging Rock Kartway
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    1st Annual Jeff “BIGBOY” Derrick memorial HANGING ROCK KARTWAY 9-26-20 full details below

    What’s the predator rules? And open pipe on Flathead?
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    Race #2 of the BackYard Series on June 20th @ Paradise Raceway

    May have missed it but is amateur clone or predator?
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    Track Tac® - Help Provided - A New Begining

    Chris, got a quart of Diamond for an end of year points and have never really used it. I read that its for medium type tracks. Is it ok to cut with Black Sand or acrysol? Or do you have another suggestion. Thanks
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    Looking for recommendations on clutch setup for stock predator hvy weight with governor. Have a bully 2 disc 6 spring & horseman 2 disc. Thanks
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    Just wanted to get some opinions on the Vision. Pros & Cons. Looking to get a new chassis this offseason. Had a Firehawk previously and loved it.
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    Clone Rebuild Question

    Need some opionions from guys that build. I have 2 clones that have been sitting a couple of years built new in 2012 and ran a few times are these motors worth refreshing and updating or have newer parts passed them up?
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    New Shadow

    Does anyone know if Shadow is coming out with anything new? If not is anyone riding the Deuce that can give some feedback. Looking for something different for this year.