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    Indy cars

    They kind of resemble drag boat cowlings in my opinion.
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    Indy cars

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    Bad Boy mowers

    I like the fact that the BB has a welded deck as opposed to the formed deck on the CubC. And I will be buying from a local dealer that has a good service dept. Thanks for all the comments. John
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    Bad Boy mowers

    Doers anybody have experience with Bad Boy ztr mowers--looking at them and Cub cadets--want opinions. Looking at 40-42 inch. Thanks, John
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    Digital Measuring Wheel.

    I took one to a track once just to prove what the track really measured. A Mychron 5 will do that now. I a m with Al---for $40 it would be kind of fun to have in the trailer--you might win a bet or two with it.
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    Need help finding dirt oval kart tracks near Kansas City Mo. thanks in advance

    KC Raceway on FB----located on the east side of town HWY 291
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    What's peoples estimates on their longest running piece of equipment?

    Lots of farm tractors are working every day that are 40+ years old.
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    You Tube videos not playing

    I am having issues with You tube---At the present time it will only play videos very early in the morning--then for the balance of the day videos will not play----this may go for a week or so then out of the blue I can watch all I want. It will work fine for a week or 2 then back to virtually...
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    Syncronized exhaust note

    A grid full of those loop piped flatheads sure sounded good.
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    Anybody make kid kart sized offset chassis for 4 to 8 year olds for dirt oval?

    There used to be a guy back in the day in the K.C. area that built Sniper karts. He built a shorter wheelbase offset kid kart--back then it was legal in the Missouri area in rookies and Jr 1. As I said that was several years ago-- early 2000s maybe. Seems like his name was Roger Gorbin--
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    Corona hair cuts

    In this time of social distancing and barbershops/salons being closed, what are you gonna do about hair cuts? Do it your self, have spouse, girl friend etc who never cut hair try it or just go feral and wait til it is all over and go back to your usual place?
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    I-Racing Nascar

    WoO sprints and late models on tonight on FS1 tonight I think--not sure of time maybe 7 central.
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    New at this

    rear stagger?
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    Corona Virus

    Those of us who are north of 60 are very concerned(at least I sure am) --however it galls me to see the apparent lack of concern shown by some "kids". I saw drone footage of a beach apparently in Florida that was packed with spring breakers. Possibly we thought we were bullet proof at that age...
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    the only one ?

    Boys , the older you get, that will only get worse.