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    FS1 needs to find some announcers/pit reporters that have some dirt knowledge---they all seem to revel in the fact they know nothing about it. Thankfully Fox has Boyer and Gordon who know what they are talking about.
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    Bad Boy vs. Cub Cadet zero turn

    I am looking at zero turns at my local dealer---he handles Bad boy and Cub Cadet---looking at something in the 40-42" range----both brands have the some size engine and are similar with the exception that in that width the BB has a fabricated deck as opposed to a formed on the CC---warranty is...
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    Trucks, diesel or gas

    All I know is that yesterday I drove a '21 Ford F350 with gas motor--I had a 24' livestock trailer with only a couple of cows and calves in it---in tow mode this truck was gutless--10 spd auto downshifted on every hill and turned the motor over 5k----maybe I did something wrong but I was very...
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    Help me Choose

    Got to play some away games to get better---
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    Will they still work?

    I have 2 sets of T3s that were bought new about this time in '19--they were lightly prepped but never run in 19 or in 20. they had a couple coats of conditioning prep wiped on them about once a month since--kept in climate controlled garage---and bagged. If I reroll them ,surface sand them...
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    It was posted on the Vintage 4 cycle Karting FB page that Larry lost his battle with Covid--he was a cornerstone of the sport --condolences to the family.
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    Prayers for a good recovery. Be strong.
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    Alcohol carbs

    I always ran non ethanol gas through my stock appearing after each race---hook up a short piece of fuel line and use a small container for the gas.
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    Aluminum Kart Seat

    In our area. there used to be a kart or 2 that had a Kirkey aluminum seat out of a race car----not a good look or idea.
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    Tire Resurfacer pulley sizes?

    mine is a fairly crude but effective home engineered and constructed belt drive, wood framed, using a short axle with a hub on one end.
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    Tire Resurfacer pulley sizes?

    Mine has a 2" and a 10" pulley---I think it is on a 1750 rpm motor---pouring outside or I'd run down to the shop and check the rpm
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    cleaning up old tools

    I have a bunch of old misc. tools that have been in a barn for years---I'd like to clean them up---what is the best way to get them in shape to sell----surface rust etc. Thanks for any suggestions, John
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    Traffic Circles

    There is a town near me that has a roundabout painted on the existing pavement intersection----for sure a low tech/low cost way to do it.
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    Where to get weights ??

    If you make your own, be sure the lead melting operation is done outside---the fumes are not good,.
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    Favorite Youtubers

    Hunt The Front, Sonne Farms, How Farms Work