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    Tillotson confusion

    Guess I'll chime in since someone resurrected this thread. The first block Tillotson used for the 196R is the standard clone block identical to other importers, Part number 138190001. The second generation was a block we designed first for the Tillotson 225RS (#138220002) engine and changed...
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    Stock appearing

    Our 236R Kit uses the Tillotson block, 72mm bore & 58mm stroke to make 236cc or 14.4ci. The kit will be back in stock this weekend. Here's a link to read up on it.
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    T4 frame & engine from Tollotson???

    We have a couple of blogs on the block and parts of the rotating assembly. Tillotson 225 Block Tillotson 225 vs. 228 Assembly We haven't stocked the Tillotson 225RS because the carburetor is still in development. The HW went through a couple of versions but then dropped for the TCT Carb, then...
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    Track locations?

    Dirt Tracks 22A Speedway, Luray, TN Gator Speedway, Henderson, TN Atoka Raceway Park, Brighton, TN Hillbilly Raceway, Olmstead, KY Sprint Tracks Twin Fountains, Bell Buckle, TN NCM, Bowling Green, KY(Pending) Our Shop is in Dickson, TN about 40 mins away from Clarksville.
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    Alchohol Carbs

    Yep We're still shipping out. If you order this weekend it should leave out Monday
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    Alchohol Carbs

    Most of the information is on the item description but I'll hit some of the high points. To maximize flow we CNC the carburetors and machine out our own stainless butterfly. The stainless steel butterfly allows us to have a very thin butterfly that holds up better than the brass butterfly. It's...
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    Alchohol Carbs

    We build a very good carb kit. PK-875A
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    Tillotson 207 head

    Flow testing by Young Engines. TIllotson vs JT-158 Tillotson JT207 .050" - 15.9 .100" - 30 .150" - 43.5 .200" - 46 .250" - 47 .300" - 48.5 .350" - 50.5 JT-158 .050" - 15.9 .100" - 30 .150" - 42.6 .200" - 44.1 .250" - 46 .300" - 48 .350" - 48.5 Both heads are stock using the same...
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    Need help with Peerless 700

    We have hub adaptors and #40 sprockets for the 700 tranmission, #40 Rear Sprockets and #40 chain for racing lawnmowers.
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    Carb question

    It's an Alky Carb and you can read all about the HL-348C on page 70 of EC's Speed Secret Catalog. This is a great resource for anyone using a Tillotson carburetor.
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    New 68mm Tillotson reinforced blocks for the 196 box stock classes.

    NKA and WKA Legal but not AKRA Legal
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    EC Carburetors End of Year Sale

    End of Year Sales Sales Here are many of the hottest deals at Discounts run until December 8th Intimidator Built Carburetor and Kits $20 Off Dominator Built Carburetor and Kits $20 Off EC Pro Rebuild and Diaphragm Kits 10% Off Mod2 Cam Kit for GX200, Clone, Tillotson...
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    Changing to pz22 carb

    We have PZ22 intakes.
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    Switching to Tillotson

    Yes, but we don't want to affect the low side if it's accelerating with no issues. That's why i wanted to know where the high side setting is set. Keep going in on the high. Even if you have to shut it off and run off the low.
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    Switching to Tillotson

    How far in did you go with the high side?