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    Golf cart for sale

    Not sure if this is okay or not by admin but I have a golf cart for sale that would definitely be useful at the track. I’m unsure of the year but it is a 36 volt ezgo. New batteries and cables were installed in January 2020. Was only used 3 or 4 times around my property. All four tires hold air...
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    Jacksonville Raceway Revival

    Does the track have a Facebook page?
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    Selling a bent kart

    The only number we couldn’t get back right was the camber.
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    Selling a bent kart

    Your exactly right a ton of Cross was knocked out of it as well. Roughly 12% but we were able to move washers around and get it back to what it should be.
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    Selling a bent kart

    Yeah I’d absolutely be up front. Parts wise I’m moving everything I can over to the new frame. (Hubs, spindle, axle, seat, etc) what would a reasonable asking price? It’s a 2018 trick tillist
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    Selling a bent kart

    So I got in a wreck two months ago that bent my frame. At the next race the kart still felt planted and was consistent. We were able to get all of our set up numbers back to what they were pre wreck besides the rf camber. The camber is 1.2 degrees off of what it should be and there’s no more...
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    Tire help

    I’m new into kart racing. My dad raced back in the 80’s and early 90’s so he has alot of experience but kart racing has changed so much in 30 years. I’m running clone heavy with p&b’s. If I could get some help it would be greatly appreciated. You don’t have to tell me all of your trade secrets...
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    Maxxis el’s and black cadet body

    I have some El’s for sale from when i bought my kart. I’ve since decided to run clone with p&b’s. I have 11 right sides 4 left rears and 1 left front. I have no clue on how they were treated I think $200 is a fair price but make me a offer. I also have a black junior swoop body that I don’t...
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    What bearing lube is recommended?

    This past Sunday I went out for the first time and turned about 80 practice laps. Yesterday I took the kart apart and cleaned it. My question is what do y’all recommend for spindle bearing and cassette bearing lube/grease? Also as far as maintenance should they be broken down completely after...
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    Trade truck for complete karting outfit

    This is my first post so I’m not so sure how strict admin is when not selling a Kart or kart related items. But I am wanting to get started in racing and have been saving money and have already bought a enclosed trailer but I’m just trying to put some feelers out there to see if anyone would...