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    Brake fluid for a birel TAG kart

    What type of brake fluid is used on a birel TAG kart?
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    Bushnell Motorsports Park CKNA South opener

    Anyone have the results of the final races?
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    Using a chain break tool. you can get them at your kart shops.
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    206 Enduro Race Set-up

    Do you get any pit stops for fuel? If so, maybe you can lube the chain while refueling the kart.
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    Trailer A/C unit set up question.

    go to and look at this forum
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    #35 chain versus #219 chain.

    yes there is. 18-54 is 3.00 for 35 and 22-66 is 3.0 for 219. so yes there is a difference
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    First Track Day!

    what track are you racing at?
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    Tracks near Savannah GA

    There is Jacksonville International raceway. It is the old Maxville track.
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    Godspeed Raceway

    where is this track?
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    Predator education

    Did you change anything on your sprint kart when you ran it?
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    Scales, Stand And Toe Gauge In Florida

    What part of florida are you located ?
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    Kart Graphics Packages

    Just ask them
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    Kart Graphics Packages

    Graphics and decals for racing go-karts, oval flat karts, champ karts, winged karts, wild thing karts and trailers This is Gkartgraffix. They are in Denver, NC.
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    Choosing the Right Gearing

    Are using 219 sprockets?
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    Bolt size for clutch guard

    Where did you buy them from?