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    ISO Someone in Northwest Ohio / Northcentral Ohio that does dyno testing with print out .

    Looking for some that can dyno with print out, on a S/A engine . In northwest Ohio / Northcentral Ohio Thank you .
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    Winged outlaw tire sizes ?

    What tire sizes and wheel sizes with treaded hoosier are they running with the Stock Appearing wing Class all 4 corners . Thank you
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    2018 Slack Xpect Chassis help.

    Thank you .
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    2018 Slack Xpect Chassis help.

    Hi All, We have a 2018 Xpect . This is our first year with a Slack . My question is, there is a tie rod assembly behind the seat . That ties the seat crossmember to the left side frame rail. How should this be set/adjusted to scale the kart? and by adjusting this after set up what effect will...
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    Wiggy bar..axiom

    So we have a 2018 xpect with it on it . how should this bar be set or adjusted? thanks
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    Up coming tech classes ?

    Ok thank you very much .
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    Up coming tech classes ?

    Would like info on up coming tech classes in or near Ohio .Thanks
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    2016 kinetik Genesis

    HI all , what would be a fair price for a 2016 kinetik Genesis chassis . Does have seat motor mount , gear sprocket, rear hubs ,brakes . No front hubs or body. Kart has been well-maintained . Thank you for your input.
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    Looking for a link for Ohio Predator Rules for Cridersville track .

    Hi all looking for a link to Ohio Predator Rules for Cridersville / Little Eldora track . Thanks Carl
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    79cc Predator Air fliter adapter .

    Thanks it fits well .
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    79cc Predator Air fliter adapter .

    Good morning All. Looking for a air filter adapter for a 79cc predator engine . The center to center on the bolts are 1 1/2 inch and are 5/16 studs . What have everyone used ? Brand and place to get it would be great ! Thank you Carl ( So tired of modifying Brand new parts that are supposed to...
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    79cc predator jet question

    Hi Nick , What kind and where did you pick up your air filter adapter for your son's 79cc predator ? And were you able just to put in right on with no modifications ? Thanks Carl
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    Help with Mychron 5

    ok thank you very much .
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    Help with Mychron 5

    Here in Fremont ohio we have 2 tracks, a dirt oval and a road course that are right beside each other . it appears that someone on the road course has used a mychron 5 on it . now when i load the dirt track ( you can see as an oval on the screen ) it will not give us lap info , just one big lap...