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    Infiniti Epic

    Mitchell Dowdy has bumpers and nerfs in stock. Look up Epic Racing Chassis & Clutches on Facebook
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    Cheating up the tach

    Instead of a tach, RPMs can be checked easily with a timing light, and already has quick release pickup for plug wire
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    Champ kart won't turn

    Coleridge is a great place to run younger drivers, as it usually has a very consistent surface. Listen to Earl, he’s a sharp tire guy.
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    Anyone buying New Infiniti chassis or parts.

    This is not correct info. Long story.
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    Ward Revolution

    I run one on my Teen Champ, top tier racers like Jerry Mullis have been winning on them for over a year since Mitchell Dowdy took up the brand, including many big races in the Southeast.
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    Coleridge Speedway - April 27 Race Results

    Jr. 3 Pro results should be amended to show the 84 of Burke in 3rd, as the 25 fell back towards the end of the race. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
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    P@P Animal Engine

    You will be VERY hard-pressed to find a stronger Animal in the country- this is an absolute beast, and I hate to see it go.
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    Epic Champ Kart

    This looks like a great kart at a great deal. Hard to get a better buggy, especially at this low price.
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    Infiniti on Top

    Tonight our driver Chance Burke sat on the pole at Coleridge Speedway in Teen Champ and led every lap for his first win on our Epic buggy. It was his 4th pole in 6 races so far this season. Thanks Mitchell and Thomas Dowdy and Mike Ward for the great chassis and support as well as the...
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    Infiniti Still Relevant

    So, for all of you that believe that Infiniti can't compete with the big name manufacturers, take note. We are currently running a GREEN driver in Teen Champ, who just ran his fifth race overall and the second one of this season. I'm surely not a setup ace nor a tire guru of any kind, but in...
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    XL Seat, 2 Michron 3 tachs, 2 clutches

    New XL John's Select seat, unmounted with no holes- $75 (2) Michron 3 tachs, no leads- $100 each Single disc clutch, think it's a MDC or Horstman- $50 2 disc clutch, probably Horstman- $50 Text for pics- (919)930-7167
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    How in the wide world of sports did ALL coverage of Thanksgiving Day Parades turn into a stinking Broadway musical? What a crock of stuffing- just show us the floats, bands, and balloons for goodness sakes! Some of these bands traveled from all over the country, then get almost no coverage on...
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    RIP Quincy Godfather
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    Karting Makes National Media
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    Another Myth Debunked Apparently we have been lied to all these years- one monkey CAN in fact stop a show!