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    Update on how to use what you race entering and in a turn

    1. Brake 2. Slow 3. Turn 4. Insert Arc 5. Set Speed 6. Maintain speed as needed 7. Begin next turn after setting new speed to repeat 1 thru 6. The process is complex with total driver skill being their ability to include the most of all of the process per amount of time available.
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    Prepping Left front tire

    Also the better your LF works the more weight you have traveling a longer path between the RF and LR on entry and exit. The result is increasing the amount of weight pathed to the back via the LF increases instantaneous use of the LR/low gear to start your next acceleration.
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    Clone Gear torque range.

    Remember very well having to sometimes change racing strategies against built low end flatheads. They were a pain being able to put themselves in the way mid corner off. But IMHO remembering back they most always would fade late race or higher rpms would win out by the next entry. Always figured...
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    Clone Gear torque range.

    That's a reply to print and pin to the inside of your trailer, no matter what you race ! It's one of those things where your driver will come in and say with ease and relaxation, "it's better".
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    Clone Gear torque range.

    What if you put it on the scales after the change? Does relocating the engine cause any note worthy difference?
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    Clone Gear torque range.

    "What I find interesting is; I've never heard of anybody finding these 2 tenths on a dyno. I can't help but think; if you're getting more HP to the axle (I'm pretty sure that's what you'd have to do to go faster) why does that not show up on a dyno?" It's because your stuck in your obsolete...
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    RF Camber question

    Less rolling resistance and You might have also asked what's the advantage of running such a big RF tire which led to your camber question. I think originally someone just tried a big RF tire and it worked for them leading into all kinds of reasons for it being good. First reason I remember...
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    Where does the west start?

    I'm in Town One Range One of the Western Reserve. This is the start of the first ever West. It's called Ohio
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    Clutch and gearing question

    What is your suggestion for gearing on both engines of the two different classes Al? Nobody talked down to you, they corrected you. Were all awaiting your final word on what gears should be used on each engine. If you don't know nor have any suggestion then nobody is talking down to you only...
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    Yes they've been fishing it for 8 years and I think this was only the second one got there. There a good team and get them all over the place.
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    Got Screwed Over by a Kart Shop

    Same dumb question. Is that a problem and why?
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    It's only WoO Lates but it's live today on cbs sports network at 9pm

    so far lernerville's site is showing green for tonight
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    It's only WoO Lates but it's live today on cbs sports network at 9pm

    9pm on the cbs sports network schedule That is unless they choose to run the end of an old superbowl over it. ... :(
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    It's only WoO Lates but it's live today on cbs sports network at 9pm

    From Lernerville A good rain just went thru and it should be a sticky fast wide open track tonight. Which means lots of cars over the hill and into turn 4 wall where I sit on Friday nights. Car counts have been high for prelims. Ain't no way it's going flag to flag tonight when it will be a...
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    Just got a report my daughter in law and son just got a 41" muskee