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    Advice needed

    i thought that.was adjustable, the bolts should be under it 9/16 bolt maybe? i could be wrong though
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    Needle valve & Stem

    chubby side of stem, sorry!
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    Needle valve & Stem

    side cutter on chubby in, then pull it thru
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    To unload or not to unload, that is the question!

    depends on the level of danger why:life or death, where: could happen anywhere its 2021, when: they are presenting danger to your life or families life, how: firm grip, aim squeeze, stay on target and keep squeezing! sorry!
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    Needle valve & Stem

    did internal chemical soak on vavle stem and break down the rubber? never seen that before!
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    How to slow a red plate down for a beginner

    i would just bend the metal bracket that the throttle cable mounts too on the top plate, but that's me, i think you just bend it back towards the carb, bend alittle at a time, then check with foot throttle and see how much it opens up the throttle plate on carb ans adjust accordingly
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    National Runner Up Red Plate Build Specs

    has to do with the gear rule I believe! I know it sounds crazy but it works!
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    New to kart racing in NC.

    You could maybe try Old Stateline, and most sundays after race day liberty and Stateline both will open track up for practice so that is something to take into consideration, go turn some laps and see how the kart does and also compare lap times to what the guys was turning during the race...
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    New to kart racing in NC.

    clutch, im sure you'll hear bully and probably smc vortex mostly, Ill add as long as one is set up correctly you should be good.
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    New to kart racing in NC.

    liberty, can run disk clutch, they are on maxxis tires, figure out what chassis you'll be on and there will be some guys on here to give you some good set up numbers! and for being competitive, there is plenty of competition there, good luck, have fun
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    im no professional but Lf needs to be smaller than rf, and 2" of stagger in rear maybe to much but the smart guys will chime in! Tire pressures seem crazy to me also, but very curious what everyone else has to say
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    Not AKRA Approved

    not taking anyone's side but I believe we are all just assuming it's the engine in the back ground, he never said that it was that particular engine, he just said a big name engine builder. But maybe im wrong about this one.
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    WAKE UPTrack Promotors

    i will say, at a certain track it seems like the predators sound more and more like a clone each week on the track. just saying but what do i know, I guess my hearing could be getting bad or something
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    WAKE UPTrack Promotors

    Didn't think that was a bs comment, I was under the impression you get motor from briggs and it was ready to go! Thanks for the info