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    4 wheel drift

    All of the above and drop your air if in a true 4 wheel drift.
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    Liberty Raceway - Jr Green Plate NC

    We've raced both tracks for years. Gimme a call and I'll help you out. 704.361.6046 James
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    2019 PRC Deuce Karts (Sold)

    Both karts sold, thx!!
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    2019 PRC Deuce Karts (Sold)

    I have two 2019 Phantom Deuce karts for sale. One is an Elite and other a Champion's Edition. Both have 12 weekends on them with no issues or bad wrecks, can be checked or verified at PRC. Very clean, always torn apart after every race. Both have fresh spindles, bearings, and chains. PRC...
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    Mychron 4 sold

    Pm sent
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    Vortex clutch

    Pics to 704-361-6046 please. Thx
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    Looking for tire warmers

    I have two sets that aren't used anymore due to having two hot boxes now. Shoot me a text at 704-361-6046 and I'll send some pics if you're interested. James
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    Friday ROAR @ Woodleaf Raceway * October 9 * Guaranteed Money * Come Check Us Out,

    Yes, their Senior Champ classes run clone engines.
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    Friday ROAR @ The Leaf - September 11 - Come Check Us Out! - Guaranteed Money!

    Jr2 (11-12 yrs old) purple plate 295 lbs Jr3 (13-15 yrs old) blue plate 320 lbs All junior classes use small pipe. Hope this helps 😁
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    2 race old Vortex 2-disk

    Pics to 704-361-6046 please. Thx
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    Free tire roller.....CLOSED)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Todd is an awesome guy and makes great products. My 2 sons and I were the lucky recipients of free scale stands from him quite a few years ago when we had literally no equipment and were working off the floor with bathroom scales. Several championships and years later, his scale stands still get...
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    The ONE before the LAST ONE..9/21/19...Thunder Valley Motorplex

    Any specifics on what time gates open and when practice will start this Saturday?
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    Need better results

    If they are running different classes then air, gear, and tire will be different. I have two sons running jr2 and jr3. While choices are similar they are never the same. If the Kart isn't at it's full potential then the driver will have a hard time doing his job. What classes are they running...
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    Green plate gearing question

    Earl is trying to point you in the right direction with gear and rpm. On a green plate, we never used to push it much more than 5600 or we'd run out of steam on the straights. The idea is to gain speed the full length of the straights instead of flattening out especially if it's any kind of...
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    2016 Phantom Recon Elite

    Pics sent