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    Yes, pinned on brake side and lock collars on the other. If you run APC hubs on the right, put the axle sleeve on and no collars are needed on bearing or hub!
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    Recon body

    Yes, that would be the Deuce body. Its no longer made but you may get lucky and find someone with one.
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    You want to pin the axle on the side the brake is on. The newest PRC axles are drilled on both ends to accommodate the RR brake on the Triton and Triton Jr.
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    Recon body

    Are you talking about the Deuce body perhaps? Had a step up before the RR and kicked out on the side? The Recon came stock with a Swoop Seraph body.
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    Seat placement

    Seat size? Driver size also can change it a little. We typically mount them 8 1/2 from the axle to the top of the seat and about 4 1/2 of inside edge of inner engine rail. If running a Med or Large 2.0 go 1/4"-1/2 higher.
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    Hub question

    What are you using for an impact to ruin them to begin with?
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    Chassis suggestions

    Would also vote Recon.
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    2018 MINecon

    65% Cross 58% Left 52.5% Rear -2.75 RF Camber +.50 LF Camber 7-10 Castor RF Spacer out
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    Discussion time

    I think this is the result of taking a few lines of Zombie Dust up the snout, then buying a Sh*itbox thinking you're the next Chad Knaus!
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    Anybody know what model this is

    Looks like something that should be in the Ultramax section.. Haha Looks pretty fun!!
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    Did the RF Spacer get taken out from first scale to second? During your practice season did the LF hit any disc blades? When on the scales lift the rear end and spin axle 180. Those Hoosiers can be very out of round.
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    MyChron 4 2T

    Yes I do!
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    MyChron 4 2T

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    MyChron 4 2T

    Jackshaft sold!
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    MyChron 4 2T

    MyChron 4 2T was recently sent to AIM and had updates done. Comes with all the leads! $275obo All prices plus shipping