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    2018 rival

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    2018 rival

    2018 ultramax rival located in Knoxville TN kart is in elite condition has a new umax high side black body 6 race old axle, 3 races on new spindles kingpins heims. Umax motor mount upright fuel tank kart will come as a roller minus seat engine tires. 1500$. Text for pics 865-684-3204 selling to...
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    Ultramax Rival

    I agree with this ^^^ have not had a issue with mine at any track so far. Best turning kart Umax has put out in awhile reminds me of the blaze octane you will not be disappointed. Very easy to work with also and when you do hit it dead on she will roll that’s for sure
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    To scuff or not

    Have a race coming up in late October I'm buying up new tires for track takes a fresh tire in the cooler months will a 33 be faster scuffed or not? Tires getting cut this month and going in basement which is temp controlled 68-72 degrees year round better to let cure scuffed or not?
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    Triton LR hub

    What is everyone running their lr hub at witha 8.5" wheel? Shouldnit be 4 or 4-1/4" from cassette.
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    nex gen in triton

    anyone ran the nex gen after running a select in their triton? I see some of bigger racers still with the select in them, any pro or cons? I have a nex gen in mine and love it just wanted to hear some input
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    Walker performance

    Anyone seen any difference with air flow or dyno numbers with these filters compared to the 30$ k&n? Is it really worth the extra 15$ or so
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    Walker performance vs k&n

    Anyone tried both or pulled both on a dyno? Is there really any difference ??
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    AT2 vs hot lap 2

    Is there any difference in these two preps if any at all? Thanks
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    Tg1 axle

    Anyone know what size axle is in 2012 tg1?
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    Anyone know when the 2016s will start selling ?
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    2014 triton LF problems

    We have a 2014 triton with maybe 6 races on it. The problem we are having is we can't get less than +1.5 camber on the lf, we have changed everything including three diff spindles...scaled 2 other tritons On the scales sso we know they are not the problem..THE KART HAS NEVER BEEN WRECKED lol any...
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    im running a bullring in 2 weeks 8 second lap times very small with banking, is there any ackerman adjustment i can do that will benefit me? right now its set even
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    2008 icon bullring

    Any suggestions on numbers for icon on a bullring? Track is bout size of batesville with banking probably 10+ degrees of banking? Really need castor-camber info the most thanks in advance
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    Icon pills

    What is recommended for 08' icon 1/8 or 1/16" Pros and cons for both sizes? Low-medium bite Burris racing Stock classes Thanks in advance