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    DeWalt Extreme DCF601F2 12v

    Part number and info on box show 1/4
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    Parking.....Call Lisa for Parking 804 387 7318...
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    Best 10.8 Valve Spring

    There are karting parts distributors and builders that will sell you springs that they claim have been tested and are legal....You also need to keep in mind that there are also springs that will initially test within and after being raced grow stronger and will be out-of-spec....
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    Tech Tool for Checking Head CC

    You will also need a burrett and Marvel mistory oil in addition to plug to measure volume..... You will also need a burette and Marval mystery oil to measure the volume.... ***
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    2021 NKA Rules

    Was told that there are no changes from 2020 rules....
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    Phantom Banshee Parts

    Contact JPMKarting J.P. Curry , Text 610-636-3497 He will make what you need.....
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    .602 carb check

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    2012 charger jr sportsmans champ

    Info from Bob's shows Patton Pa
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    Jr sportsman windshield size. Help please

    WKA requirement....Plexiglass panel in cowl @ approx the drivers eye level Min size 12" x 12".... .
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    BSP die cast alum flywheel AKRA legal?

    Legal for the new economy class...TOO light for Box Stock 6.5 OVH Class....
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    Jr sportsman champ body questions

    As Colt Sr stated...WKA rules clearly state the winshield is required in Nose in Jr Sportsman Champ....NKA & AKRA do-not address the requirement... But the Head Tech can require the windshield even if not specially stated......You should reach out to the series/tracks Head tech for there...
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    Northeast Tech Director

    Contact info from WKA Site.... 4-CYCLE REPRESENTATIVE Jim Maier...
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    Northeast Tech Director

    4-Cycle Representative = Jim Maier 410 212-2259 2-Cycle Representative =Jim Schultz 267 981-8144
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    Northeast Tech Director

    NKA contact number...317.774.7021...