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    What oil to use for Briggs 206 Motor?

    FHS Hurricane medium. Great oil. I have been using it for years.
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    A question for asphalt/concrete racers.

    I lowered cross that helped me.
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    Legend chassis

    I had one. If im not mistaken it was a Vision.
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    10 car?

    How did the 10 car get into the Clash?
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    Looking for Dan Sachs.

    Does anyone have Dan Sachs phone number? Thanks.
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    want to buy.

    Looking for a Bilmet head for a Yamaha F200. PM me if you have anything. Thank you.
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    How should this kart do on pavment? Has anyone tryed it on pavment yet? Thanks.
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    R.W.Y.B Class 56speedway

    Who will be running R.W.Y.B this Friday?
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    56Speedway RWYB Class

    Anybody going to run this Friday RWYB Class? I will. Thank you.
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    Looking for set up numbers for a Nemesis. 370 Animal class. 1/8 high bank dirt track. Burris 33s. Thank you.
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    Want to buy.

    Want to buy Briggs Billet head for a 342.
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    Does anybody have any set up numbers for a Matrix on Asphalt 1/8 track high banks? Sr Sportsmen Class. 370LBS. Briggs LO206. Burris 55s. Thank you.
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    2 Phenom"s I need set up help for a 1/8 Asphalt track with 7 degree banking. Jr1 310Lbs Vegas Yellows. LO2O6. And Sr Sportsman 370Lbs Burris 55s LO2O6. Thank you.