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    Sent you another message.
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    2020 Racing Graphics

    I ordered custom decals this past Tuesday 3/31 from Bryan & they have been delivered & installed on my kart already. They look PERFECT !!! Thanks again Bryan !!!
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    Are you still selling these ? You stopped responding to messages....
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    Throttle rod to cable connection

    I'm curious..... Why was the throttle rod to cable connection no longer welded to the frame rail & moved to the floor pan ?
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    Clean Up Sale

    Looks like you forgot a "j" according to post# 15
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    Song Title Game

    Geddy didn't die...Neil Peart died
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    predator rules

    What are the right coupons to get one for $86 ? fill me in.....
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    Looking to fab up a tire roller....

    I have 3/4 tubing for rollers. Same stuff I make my bumpers & nerf bars from. Bought a pack of 4 - 3/4” ID pillow block bearings from amazon for $20-25.
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    Carlson Motorsports Wishes Everyone a Merry CHRISTmas!

    Merry Christmas Brian ! Thank you for all your input throughout the year.
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    Corner Exit Speed

    No matter where you go.....the bar, work, the family reunion, New Year’s Eve party, etc....... There’s always one butthead......Al, you are ours !!!!!!
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    Christmas Glove Give Away!!

    Merry Christmas Matt !!!!
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    Looking for a 4 disc 3/4 clutch for a 2-stroke

    Good luck with that.... I was looking for something, he told me he had one, I private messaged him, posted to let him know I PM’ed him & he never responded.
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    Looking for a 4 disc 3/4 clutch for a 2-stroke

    Yeah but you don’t respond after offering something for sale.......