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    VP110 Octane Fuel

    Engine damage won't be a problem, so you're good there. Brain damage from leaded fuel, that's probably for another topic. You could consider experimenting with float height if you really feel you're down on power due to jetting on the 110. Chances are you'll be fine as is.
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    VP110 Octane Fuel

    It's generally for ease of tech and a higher octane fuel can cover all classes. So for simplicity really.
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    scoring systems

    RFID based, probably Motosponder. It can be worth shopping around for used AMB\Orbits equipment though.
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    To replace rings or not to replace?

    Was that test done by pulling the starting cord? The engines have a compression release to make hand starting easier. To get an accurate number you will have to spin the engine with an external starter. A leakdown test as mentioned is a good idea also. Even if you don't have a leakdown gauge...
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    Keeping a LO206 happy . . .

    Drive the stones off it, change the oil and check valve clearances periodically.
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    Here's one for you... Dirt mix and prep for a rental kart track.

    I have a small fleet of rental karts that we used for karting on ice in the winter (I'm in MN). I floated the idea of doing dirt in the summer with the people that came to visit and they were super interested. Looking to keep the grip fairly low so people can slide around, I'll likely keep the...
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    Looking for a starter!

    Yeah the oil clutches don't help in those situations... We're running dry clutches for that reason. We have one kart with a wet clutch on a test mule and yeah, it likes to drive away when it's cold and they take a LONG time to heat up in the cold weather.
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    KF1 vs KF2 engines

    Keep us posted, very curious to see how this flies in a laydown.
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    Looking for a starter!

    True, I figured starting 6 to 12 of them at once under freezing temps counts for something. For some reason ours don't have a release on the cam and they seem to pump about 220-240 psi. Maybe someone younger than can start them multiple times a day with a cord, I'd probably die half way...
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    Looking for a starter!

    We use a Coleman starter like this to fire up our fleet of VC460 powered rental karts in freezing temps. Down as low as -15f it still cranked plenty fast. The burris one looks even beefier though.
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    KF1 vs KF2 engines

    Was that for UAS? Looks bada$$
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    In my area.

    I'm not in your area... but looking at your username... do you kart on ice?
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    Kart design?

    In the case of CIK homologated karts, max frame and track width are set in the regulations as well as wheelbase. I can't speak as to what drives those specific numbers though
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    KF1 vs KF2 engines

    Red #5 kart is the KF2. Bone stock with a 24mm tryton carb..
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    KF1 vs KF2 engines

    More detail, the CDI\ignition boxes were different colors between KF1 and KF2. Green was the 15,000 rev limit for KF2 and red for KF1 at 16,000. One of those with an axle clutch in a laydown kart would be a rocket I bet. The lack of bottom end definitely hurt lap times, one of those deals where...