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    2021 NKA Rules

    Anyone heard if 2021 NKA rules available yet?
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    Blue Vega

    If anyone has experience with Blue Vegas please PM me. I have a few questions. Thanks
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    Banked vs Flat Track Changes

    What are some basic chassis changes recommended when going from flatter tracks to those with noticeable banking in the corners and the straights?
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    Help ID Clutch

    Thanks for the link. Sounds like we have a Viper clutch. We need to set stall for 3 different classes we run. The link is a little vague other than the one setting for 3800. We specifically need spring heights for the rpm below: 1) 4000 2) 3500 3) 2800
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    Help ID Clutch

    Can you guys help me ID what type of clutch this is? Trying to reset it for another class. Thanks
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    Predator Clutch Stall

    What range of stall do you guys recommend for the Predator classes below? All classes with big pipe and timing allowed. 1) Purple Plate 2) Blue Plate 3) No Plate Thanks
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    LR Tire Size

    What is a reasonable min circumference for a Maxxis on a 8.5" rim? What I mean is a size that can be maintained with air versus having to constantly re-shrink. Based on our experience 32 1/2 is about the limit. Thanks
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    Batesville JR3

    Our team will be running at Batesville in a few days. We run Rivals pretty successfully. We are looking for some starting points for setup at Batesville in JR3 class. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    WTB Wheels

    Looking for a set of 3 wheels - 2-10" and 1 - 8.5". They will be used for practice tires only so do they not have to be perfect. Just need to roll true and hold air.
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    Grease Filled Bearings

    Any ideas on who sells grease filled 206 bearings or maybe what brand are grease filled? Thanks
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    Bully Retaining Screw

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    Bully Retaining Screw this requires the basket to have a threaded hole in it somewhere?
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    Bully Retaining Screw

    Have issues occasionally with retainer snap ring on driver coming loose on Bully style clutch and even on a Vortex clutch. It appears there is some type of screw that can be used to pin it. Can you guys give me some thoughts on how this attaches exactly or is there a more reliable snap ring...
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    2019 Ultramax Rival

    BT or ST?
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    Vega Tire Wear

    Thanks guys