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    Complete Karting Sell-out - 2017 Millennium Faktor Sequel

    After 15 years, the kid is grown up and it's time to sell our karting operation. This sell out is turn-key and includes everything you need to be competitive at the local, regional or national level. You literally need to bolt on a body, number panels and go racing. I've accumulated a lot of...
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    New Forum Update

    Thanks for putting the effort into the update Bob. It's great!
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    CEDAR LAKE ARENA - Rumble in the Arena 2019 Dates and Sponsor Info

    Only 10 days until race day. Are you ready?
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    Cody Brightbill Accident and Recovery

    On Saturday evening, July 4, 11 year old Cody Brightbill was severely injured in a wing kart accident at ThunderHill Speedway in western Wisconsin. Cody was airlifted to St. Paul and has had 4 successful surgeries to repair the injuries to his arm, but has a long recovery ahead of him. Here is...