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    Help with chassis ID

    It's a Millenium Tempest. Not sure of the first year they were made(2004 or 2005), but later was updated to the Tempest V2 in 2007.
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    Spindle/L-block changes

    The effect is opposite on each side, when only turning the wheel to the left. Left front is exactly what XXX said. More spindle angle increases the caster effect creating more and faster weight transfer (to the RR) with higher steered camber gains. Right front would be the opposite. More...
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    Rival loose in and middle

    IMO, all you needed to do was drop the nose weight. Believe it was Seay who said never run more than 45.5% Nose, which I take those words to mean that is the maximum amount and has had no problem with even less.
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    Chassis help

    The chassis in the truck is a mid 2000's MOmentum. During that time, we were recommended and ran pretty balanced setups in them. 55 left, 45 nose, 58+ cross for lighter classes or lower bite 56 left, 44 nose, 58+ cross for heavier classes or higher bite +.75 LF camber, -2.5 RF camber stock...
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    JR2 Rival - Loose on Entry

    Add cross till it pushes, drop air until it bites too hard at apex.
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    king pin inclination

    There was a kart built, sorry, an oval kart built with 0 or almost 0 degrees of kpi spindles. The trick was super low RF caster like only 2 degrees and typical 6-9 degrees LF caster. Everyone I ever heard talk about running it said it turned free a quick like a wheelchair. CKI for a few years...
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    set up

    Tires #1: worked heavily with a deep base of a HL-2 style prep to duro 45 Tires #2: a few coats of an aggressive/softening style prep to duro 45 Both tires duro 45, but both tires do NOT work the same.
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    Tempest setup numbers?

    For an adult class... Left: 57.5 Nose: 45.5 Cross: 65 - 69 LF: +.5 with 0 caster pill, tie rod in front hole on spindle RF: -2.75 with 0 caster pill, tie rod in middle hole on spindle LR: 1/2" off frame RR: 3/16" off frame Front of seat as far left without hitting frame rail, medium size seat...
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    2014 PhazeX

    You have to pay close attention to the direction those pills are installed. With that pill, you either have only 6* (too little) or you have 14* (too much) RF caster. Personally I'd get on the 7/10 pills both sides, then start with a UMax baseline or talk to JRCurtis for a good starting setup.
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    2010 excentrix ????s

    The biggest issue is in the understanding of what this chassis is asking for, the same issue a couple top chassis manufacturers had at the same time frame. This leads to tuning issues in the wrong direction and quick frustration. *** The RF does NOT receive transferred weight. The stiffness...
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    2010 excentrix ????s

    If I were going to modify anything on a 10-11 excentrik, it wouldn't be the rearend. It would be the RF location...
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    anyone had a scortch???

    The Scorch was very competitive and won a lot of races around my area. It was just as fast or faster than the Rage years ago...
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    New chassis name

    It's a shame to see all the innovation go that Umax has provided the last 8 years, and I'm surprised it took this long for this comment to be posted. Scottie
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    new phaze x