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    Anyone using Motosponder system?

    I would like some honest opinions / first hand reviews of this system. The RFID price is what really has me interested. Would love to talk to someone who is currently using it. Feel free to PM me.
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    2001 Trick???

    I have a what I believe is an 01 Trick. Front bumper has trick stamped in it, RF spindle has 0197 stamped on it. Anyone have any info on this model? Setup info for 80lb driver, 1/10 medium bite, slight banking, open clone, Burris tx-22's. Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Valve springs in a HEMI

    Running a BP-2 cam, DYNO calls for 26lb valve springs. I know NR sells some 18 for the Hemi but I can't find any 26lb. Soooooo Anybody know what the seat pressure would be on a G200 18lb spring installed in a Hemi with an installed height of somewhere around .730? I don't think there would be...
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    Hemi vs. Non Hemi chamber volume

    Anybody know what the heads cc stock?
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    Deck height ?

    New class rules allow for zero deck height. Given an old style predator @ .063 in the hole, how much should I mill for optimal compression, combustion, quench etc? Milling head is not allowed. Specs: Billet rod n flywheel 650 carb on gas Mod 2 cam 1.3 rockers Flat top out of hemi predator...
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    Noram Arena Clutch

    Anyone run this clutch with good results? Our track has a drum clutch rule and we run a 10t driver. Been running a max torque all year with no problems. Running an open predator with mod 2 cam turning around 7200 rpm. Just looking for more tunability.