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    Iso twister chassis. Will pay shipping. Or possibly travel

    Roller or chassis
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    ISO offset kart

    Send pics of the twister. If it's in good shape I'll buy
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    Who’s ships karts? Looking for one!

    Where ru located?? I kight have a triton for sale.. but to **** try make a add on they usually reply within a day. They were going to tow a boat 12 hours away for 250
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    iso offset prc, twister, lmk watcha.. in socal

    Preferably rollers
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    1500 roller with mycron 5? Any pix?
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    Very interested 7606621845
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    Sellout!!!!! Over 30 years of racing

    Do you still have the 16 triton elite?
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    2014 Triton $1200

    Still available? Send pix 7606621845 very serious