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    Trick panoz Jr. Setup help

    Green plate , 250 lbs. maxxis ht3
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    Trick panoz Jr. Setup help

    I can’t seem to find any numbers for this chassis . Can anybody get me started .
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    Sand tires at track between races?

    Well if you spent all week prepping your tires that would be for nothing unless your scuffing them very little
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    Dover Power Rocks!!!

    YEAH J.D. IS THE MAN. Always great to talk to him on the phone and him and the crew get the parts out of the door. I do most of my shopping with dover power. We winning races.
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    Slack axiom indoor help

    365 Sr Predator Driver weighs 190
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    Slack axiom indoor help

    190 lb. driver running 365 Sr Predator . Looking for some numbers
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    Slack Axiom indoor setup help ?

    Driver weighs 190. Running Sr Predator . Maxis Tires. No banking.
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    Adventure Speedway June 15th RAYMOND,MS

    Sr. Predator 360 lbs. . $30.00 entry fee. Half the gate money to the winner. All regular classes will be racing. gate fee $10.00. Come one come all. TRACK ADRESS 1701 NEIL COLLINS RD. RAYMOND,MS
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    15' Triton Elite Edition

    Location ?
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    2004 Phenom setup help please

    I need someone to give me a good baseline setup for a 1/7 track . It has very little to no banking . We are running yellow Vegas . Adult driver weighs 185 lbs. running Clone medium. Everybody has a different opinion on setups but I would like to see what y'all recommend .